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OT OTC OT6637-ST Strut Tamer II Extreme with Stand


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Experience the pinnacle of strength and safety with the OT OTC OT6637-ST Strut Tamer II Extreme. This spring compressor meets ASME PASE safety standards, ensuring safe compression of even the largest strut springs. With features like forged locking jaws, extra-thick compression arms, and a convenient stand, it’s the ultimate tool for your shop.

Introducing the OT OTC OT6637-ST Strut Tamer II Extreme with Stand, your ultimate solution for safely and efficiently compressing strut springs. This unit sets a new standard in strength and safety, meeting the ASME PASE safety standards for spring compressors. Whether you’re working in a professional auto shop or tackling DIY projects, this tool is your key to achieving precision and safety.

Key Features:

  1. Strength and Safety: The 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme is a pinnacle of strength and safety for strut spring compressors. It’s capable of safely compressing even the largest strut springs, providing you with peace of mind during every operation.
  2. Forged Locking Jaws: The unit features forged locking jaws that include larger pads and offset to clamp onto and compress springs even tighter than before. This enhanced design ensures a secure grip and precise compression.
  3. Extra-Thick Compression Arms: With extra-thick 5/8″ compression arms, this compressor delivers superior strength, stability, and safety. It’s built to withstand the demands of professional use and provide a consistent and reliable performance.
  4. Locking Trunions: The inclusion of locking trunions optimizes stability during spring compression. You can work confidently, knowing that the tool remains steady throughout the process.
  5. Tool-Free Adjustments: Arm-locking rings eliminate the need for tools to adjust, streamlining your work and saving time during setup and operation.
  6. Convenient Stand: The kit includes a stand with wheels, making it easy to move around the shop and save space. This mobility ensures that you have the tool where you need it, enhancing your workflow.

The OT OTC OT6637-ST Strut Tamer II Extreme with Stand is the ultimate tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who demand the best in their work. It combines strength, safety, and convenience, making it an indispensable addition to any automotive workshop.

Upgrade your strut spring compression capabilities with the Strut Tamer II Extreme and experience precision and safety like never before.

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