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  • MWK2426-20 M12 Multi Tool Less Battery


    Comments: The M12™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION Multi-Tool is one of the most versatile jobsite tools. This 12V cordless oscillating tool is ideal for remodelers, flooring contractors, maintenance repair technicians, and electricians that tackle awkward applications on jobsites. The M12™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION Multi-Tool runs 5,000 to 20,000 OPM and allows the user to match the speed to…

  • ARC AIRCAT ARC6355 Universal Saw Blade Air Saw with Quick Change Retainer


    Features Low-vibration saws feature a 9,500 stroke per minutemotor, Internal damping system reduces vibration, and therotational rear exhaust muffler allows exhaust air to bedirected as you prefer. Complete with 18-, 24-, and 32-teeth power saw blades.

  • ARC AIRCAT ARC6350 Low Vibration Reciprocating Saw


    Features Low vibration for control. Cuts up to 3/8″ steel. Adjustable all metal blade retainer for reliability.Accepts standard saw blades. Comes with 2 each of 18T, 24T, 32T blades. Adjustable rear exhaust for contol of debris in workarea. 9500 strkes per minute.

  • AO ASTRO PNEUMATIC AO936 ONYX Gear Driven Heavy Duty Air Saw


    Features The Astro Pneumatic Tool 936 ONYX Gear Driven Heavy Duty AirSaw is leading the industry with its gear-driven design thatallows for 250% more cutting capacity than standard airsaws. This unit easily and quickly cuts through up to 1/4″(6.4mm) thicker mild steel with an acceptable universal 1/2″shank and standard saw blades.Strokes per Minute: 7,000Ave. Air…

  • AO ASTRO PNEUMATIC AO930 Air Recip Mini Saw Kit


    Features Ideal for body shop repair, muffler and exhaust work Adjustable blade guide increases blade life Cuts all types of aluminum, plastic, fiberglass andsheet metal intricate shapes and tight radius curves on flatand curved surfaces Cutting Capacity: 1.6mm steel thickness, strokes PerMinute: 9,000BPM Overall Length: 9-1/4″

  • SJ SP AIR SJSP-7620 Mini Recipro Air Saw


    Features Powerful enough to cut steel, FRP, rubber and resinobjects such as bumpers Compact Body – Overall Length 6.5( 154mm) Designed with a 0.24 stroke and operates at 7,500strokes per minute Equipped with safety lever, blade guide, and airregulator Durable and high quality construction The reduced vibration from the Air Motor and Gear drivensystem of…

  • IR INGERSOLL RAND IR4429 Super Duty Air Saw


    Features With increased comfort, performance and durability, the newIR4429 is a step-up tool designed for all types of cuttingin aluminum, plastics, fiberglass and sheet metal. TheIR4429 is the tool of choice for body, exhaust and mufflerwork* Rubber gip.* Contoured design for greater comfort.

  • IR INGERSOLL RAND IR429 Heavy Duty Air Saw


    Features The new IR429 is a versatile air saw for cutting intricateshapes and light radius curves in all types of plastics,fiberglass, and composite materials, as well as aluminum andsheet metal. This reduced vibration tool is excellent forbody shop repair, muffler and exhaust work, and sun roofinstallations.* Comes with six high-speed steel cutting blades and two…