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Buy Stripped Lug Nut Remover Tool Kits at Vermont Tool Company

People often get into trouble removing stripped lug nuts and bolts because, after a while, every nut and bolt faces the brunt of the weather that makes them solid on the vehicle or machine wheels.

You are probably facing problems with your stripped lug nuts and searching for some strip nut removal kits. You are in the right place, then. Vermont Tool Company offers the best tools for removing stripped lug nuts and bolts.

You can buy all the name-branded strip nut remover kits from VTC at affordable prices with a complete warranty package. Moreover, VTC also offers free shipping charges on several sales. So, there is a high chance of saving you money when buying products from it.

What is called the tools used to remove lug nuts?

The tools used to remove lug nuts are usually known as lug wrenches, socket wrenches, and impact wrenches.

You can find various socket sets of different sizes famous for removing stripped lug nuts, such as turbo socket sets, bolt extractor sets, bolt nut stud extractors, coupler removers, and more.

Vermont Tool offers the best socket set for removing stripped lug nuts

Vermont Tool Company is the top-rated tools retailer in the US. It always stocks top-class tools and kits from world-famous tool manufacturing companies. VTC offers the best socket sets to remove stripped lug nuts.

The best strip nut removal kits that you can buy at Vermont Tool Company are-

Bolt extractor set

Bolt extractor sets are famous kits for removing stripped lug nuts. It helps to remove rusted and damaged nuts and bolts smoothly. This tool contains different set types like 10 piece/5 piece/12 piece Lug Nut & Bolt Extractor Removal Socket Set.

Features and used for:

  • It's easy to grip rounded fasteners, round head bolts, and pan head screws.
  • It can be used in combination with different drive tools and can be used on SAE or metric fasteners.
  • It contains a universal lobular design that suits all types of fasteners.
Turbo socket set

The Turbo socket set is one of the best tools to remove rounded-off bolts, nuts, and screws with tapered or rounded heads. It contains different features and sizes from TS38375 – 3/8″ to TS38750 – 3/4″, 19mm.

Features and sued for:

  • It helps to remove and loosen damaged corroded fasteners using helical teeth.
  • It's unequal to eliminate rounded-off bolts, nuts, and screws.
  • It helps to remove oil pan plugs, various nuts, and slotted or Phillips head screws.
  • It can increase the grip amount according to the applied force amount.
Bolt biter nut extractor

Bolt biter nut extractors include innovative features and unique designs to grip rounded-out and damaged fasteners. It allows grabbing and removing rusty and rounded-off heads. It contains dual-sized sockets that can work with both SAE and metric fasteners.

Features and used for:

  • It includes a bi-directional design to remove or tighten damaged and undamaged fasteners.
  • It has a tapered entry that easily seats on a damaged fastener.
  • Its torsion zone provides up to 50x longer life in high torque impact applications.
Bolt nut stud extractor

Bolt nut stud extractors are essential tools designed to remove standard and metric bolts, nuts, and studs. It allows clamping down damaged studs from 1/4″ to 9/16 inches in diameter.

Features and used for:

  • It contains soft inside paws to push into the fastener.
  • It works excellent on threaded, broken, rusty, stripped, and smooth studs.
  • It includes a compact design to fit into small spaces where studs get rouble to reach.
Coupler remover

Coupler remover is one of the best tools to remove stripped lug nuts and bolts. It helps remove broken heater hose couplers and drives the tool into the broken coupler.

Features and used for:

  • It can remove broken heater hose couplers on GM engines.
  • It helps to turn the coupler out with a 5/8″ socket or wrench.
  • It allows putting the tool into the coupler.

Common Question of strip nut removal

What tool is used to remove lug nuts?

Impact wrenches are usually used to remove lug nuts. They are highly effective in removing or loosening lug nuts from cars, trucks, and other automobiles.

What size socket to remove lug nuts?

There are different-sized sockets that are used to remove or loosen lug nuts, such as 3/4, 7/8, 13/16, 1, and 1 1/16″, 1/2″ drive sockets. You can buy the size that you need.

Can an impact driver remove lug nuts?

Yes, an impact driver can remove lug nuts. To make that, you should add a hex shaft to the square drive adapter to attach a lug nut socket to the tool.

Are sockets universal to remove lug nuts?

There are several universal sockets that are used to remove lug nuts. Apart from this, they are highly effective in tightening or loosening any fasteners.

Can a 3/8 impact wrench remove lug nuts?

Yes. A 3/8 impact wrench can remove and fasten lug nuts and bolts due to its form factor.

Will a 1/4-inch impact driver remove lug nuts?

Yes. A 1/4-inch impact driver can remove lug nuts, and it works fast and furious due to its lightweight and easy usage.

How much torque does it take to remove lug nuts?

A lug nut torque chart states that it usually takes 80 and 100 ft-lbs torques to remove lug nuts. Moreover, it can be more or less according to the fact.