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  • SI SOLAR SICI4745 12/24V Wheel Battery Charger


    Features Fully automatic operation 40/20/2/230A 40 Amp 12V fast charge rate 10 Amp 12V medium charge rate 2 Amp 12V low charge rate 20 Amp 24V fast charge rate 2 Amp 24V low charge rate 230 Amp 12V engine starting assistance Digital display with 7-segment readout Reverse polarity protection Battery fault detection Full size clamps…

  • AS ASSOCIATED AS6009AGM 6/12 Volt 70/60A Continuous Fleet Battery Wheel Charger


    Features Charges all standard, maintenance free, AGM 6/12Vbatteries 70/60A continuous rating with 265A crank assist Vacuum impregnated heavy-duty transformer to seal theunit against external agents Multi-diode rectifiers (patented) to take over in caseof failure Fan cooling mechanism prevents overheating enhancingunit?s life span significantly 6/12 Volt Heavy Duty AGM/Flooded Fleet Wheel Charger

  • AS ASSOCIATED ASIBC6008MSK Intellamatic Memory Digital 12 Volt Professional Digital Fast


    Features 4×20 Digital Back Lit Display with Language Options,English, Spanish, and French, other languages could be added Polarity indicated, with Audible Messaging Safely charges all battery types, Sealed Lead Acid, AGM,Lithium, EFB, Gel, Deep Cycle, perfect for reflashing, and agreat memory saver Designed to Vehicle and Battery Manufacturerspecifications. Minimizes premature battery failure, due toincorrect charging…

  • AS ASSOCIATED ASESS6100 Reflash Power Supply & Heavy Duty Battery Charger


    Features Up to 90 Amps of 12V Re-flash power with adjustablevoltage to accommodate any special voltage requirement themany OE?s are using today Up to 90 Amps as a Charger and safe for ConventionalSealed Lead Acid, AGM, EFB, Lithium-Ion, and Gel-Cellbatteries Adjustable Charging voltage to accommodate to batterymanufacturer charging voltages Digital Back lit display with three…

  • SI SOLAR SIPL6800 100A/100A Flashing Power Supply and Charger


    Features 12 Volt operation 100/40/10A Battery Charger Automatic charging mode for easy operation 100A max charge for fast charging of batteries to Group31 Properly charges a variety of lead acid battery types Max 100A power supply mode to support vehicle flashing Precise voltage control and quick response to load Extra long 13? cables reach all…

  • SI SOLAR SIPL6100 100A/60A Flashing Power Supply and Charger


    Features 12 Volt operation, 60/40/10A Battery Charger Automatic charging mode for easy operation 60A max charge for fast charging of batteries to Group31 Properly charges a variety of lead acid battery types Max 100A power supply mode to support vehicle flashing Precise voltage control and quick response to load Extra long 13? cables reach all…

  • SI SOLAR SIPL4050 12V 4x2A Battery Maintenance Station


    Features 12 Volt Charging and Maintaining 4 x 5A output 4 independent channels Fully automatic, multi-phase process Enhanced maintenance mode for long term charging Charges multiple lead acid battery types Temperature compensation Small footprint and mountable design Includes (4) clamp output leads 10 ft extension cord (PLA62) and additional accessoriesavailable 1 Year Limited Warranty

  • SI SOLAR SIPL4020 PRO-LOGIX 4-Bank Battery Maintenance Station


    Features Model PL4020 is a perfect charger to meet the needs ofmechanical repair shops, collision repair facilities, fleetoperations, marinas and consumers. It features fourindependent output channels designed to properly charge aflooded or AGM (including Spiral Wound) battery. Becauseeach output is independent of the others, a troublesomebattery on one channel does not create problems for theother…

  • SI SOLAR SIPL3760 12/24V 60A PRO-LOGIX Wheel Charger


    Features Automatic Charging of Multiple Battery Types 60/40/10A Charging for 12V Batteries 20/10A Charging for 24V Batteries 250A Engine Start Assistance, 12V Adjustable 13.1 – 14.9V Stable Power Mode, 60 Amps Max12V Adjustable 26.2 – 29.8V Stable Power Mode, 20 Amps Max24V Zero Volt Charging Mode for Depleted Batteries 2 Year Limited Warranty

  • SI SOLAR SIPL2545 20/10/2 Amp 12V Intelligent Battery Charger / Maintainer


    Features Combining fully automatic operation, the ability to properlycharge multiple battery types and engine starting assistancecapabilities, the PRO-LOGIX PL2545 is an ideal all-purposecharger to meet the needs of technicians and homeenthusiasts. Intelligent, beneficial, safe and versatile ?one charger does it all, from fast charging and batteryrepair to engine starting assistance and long term storagecharging. Plus,…

  • SI SOLAR SIPL2320 20/10/2 Amp 6/12V Intelligent Battery Charger / Maintainer


    Features Combining fully automatic operation and the ability toproperly charge multiple battery types ? one charger doesit all, from fast charging and battery repair to batterymaintenance and long term storage charging. Will charge virtually any lead acid battery type,Flooded, AGM, Gel Cell, Spiral Wound, Marine and Deep Cyclebatteries 6 and 12 Volt battery charging 20/10/2A…

  • SI SOLAR SIPL2140 6/12V Battery Maintainer


    Features The SOLAR PRO-LOGIX PL2140 automatic battery charger /maintainer utilizes an advanced multi-phase charging processto deliver an optimal charge to each battery serviced,regardless of battery size or type. No guesswork or mystery… if it is a lead acid batteryinstalled in a vehicle, it can be charged and charged right Two tools in one – functions…

  • SI SOLAR SIBA227 SOLAR 100 – 1400 CCA Electronic Battery & System


    Features 12V Digital Battery & System Tester with Printer 6.5V ? 15V Operating Range 100 ? 1400 CCA Capacity 36? Cables with Sturdy Clamps Multi-lingual Operating Instructions Tests Most Battery Types Including Start Stop Uses Standard Thermal Paper Rugged Construction 1 Year Limited Warranty

  • SCH DURAHEAT SCSC1353 12 Volt Battery Charger 200/35/2 Amp


    Features 12 volt 200/35/2 amp, manual battery charger and enginestarter. Designed for economy-minded do-it-yourselfers,professional mechanics and fleet operations. Use forboth slow and fast charge applications. High-outputengine start will assist batteries in cranking most enginesunder severe summer/winter weather conditions. 300 ampclamps.

  • SCH DURAHEAT SCSC1308 100 Amp Battery Charger


    Features 100A Engine Starter – Powerful Enough for Starting Cars,Suvs and Small Trucks Microprocessor Controlled Automatically Adjusts The Amperage Rate To Charge &Maintain. Multi-Stage Charging For Added Precision,Safety & Battery Life. Battery And Alternator Tester Provides Charge Level And Helps Diagnose ElectricalProblems. Digital Display, Led Indicators and Button Controls forEase and Accuracy Reverse Hook-Up Protection…

  • SCH DURAHEAT SCSC1300 Portable Battery Tender Charging System


    Features 1.5A 12V DOE Battery Maintainer Microprocessor controlled to automatically adjust therate to charge and maintain battery Features multi-stage charging and auto-voltage detectionfor added precision, safety and battery life Float mode monitoring ensures optimum battery charge

  • SCH DURAHEAT SCINC100 Flashing Power Supply / Automatic Battery Charger


    Features Fully automatic microprocessor controlled powersupply works with regular automotive, lead-acid,calcium, AGM, start-stop and Gel Cell battery types. Up to 100 Amp power supply maintains stablevoltage under varying loads during majorvehicle ECU reprogramming anddiagnostic work. Voltage can beset between 13.0-14.8UNIT FEATURES: MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED OPERATION DIGITAL VOLTS AND AMPS DISPLAY MULTIPLE OUTPUT CABLE SELECTION3 meters –…

  • SC DSR SCHUMACHER SCDSR145 125A Bench Battery Charger with 40A Engine Start


    Features 125A Engine Start – Instantly start a vehicle with a deadbattery 15<>40A Boost Mode ? ramps up the voltage and sends aquick burst of energy into the battery quickly bringingdeeply discharged batteries back to life. 15<>40A Service Mode ? maintains a stable voltage at13.6V and prevents discharged batteries during service orsitting idle in a…

  • SC DSR SCHUMACHER SCDSR140 200/50/25/10 Amp 12/24V Manual


    Features Designed for today?s professional, these manuallyoperated heavy-duty chargers provide generous enginestarting power for SUVs, trucks and large engines. The units also include Boost mode?for bringing deeplydischarged batteries back to life. Models include convenient retractable handles,extra-long 6 gauge output cables and an easy-to-read meter. Designed to charge all battery types such as standard,AGM, Gel Cell…

  • SC DSR SCHUMACHER SCDSR134 60 Amp Fast Charger


    Features 4 DISTINCT CHARGING MODES Start/Stop interface – push button to begin or end thecharging process Fast Charging – quickly charge a battery with 35 minutetimer mode Designed for most battery types – standard, AGM, gelcell and LiFePO4 LCD display – shows remaining charge time, amperage orvoltage Safe-start, reverse polarity and short circuitprotection Microprocessor controlled…