• TA TOOL AID TA66370 10LBS Front Wheel and Hub Puller Set


    Features Heavy duty 10 lb. Slide Hammer on Steel Shaft reduceseffort, time and labor to make a tough job easy. Pullers fit 4, 5 and 6 bolt patterns for use on mostdomestic and imported cars and light trucks. Easily removes front wheel hubs and flange typerear axles. Axle and Hub Pulling Adapter accepts other 5/8?-18female…

  • TA TOOL AID TA66350 Front Wheel Hub Puller


    Features Separates the front hub from the axle on front wheel drivecars. Can be used with any slide hammer having a 5/8?-18 malethread or the included 5/8?-18 x 5 1/2? long Forcing Screw. Hex Nut makes using with a standard slide hammer easy.

  • TA TOOL AID TA66340 Slide Hammer Axle and Hub Puller Adapter


    Features Combination 10 lb. Slide Hammer and Hub Puller makesremovingaxles and hubs easy. Comes complete with flanged PullingYoke. Use toremove front and rear wheel drive axles. Can be used toremove flange typerear axles. The extra heavy 10 lb. weight reduces time andlabor to make toughjobs easy. Vinyl handle provides for positive grip and shockcushioning. Slideweight…

  • TA TOOL AID TA66330 Pulling Yoke


    Features Use with slide hammer to remove rear axles on popular carsand mosttrucks with flange type axles. The bolt circle range is41/2? to 51/2?. Slots permituse on axles with 4, 5 or 6 studs in the circle. Suppliedwith 5/8?-18 lock nut.

  • TA TOOL AID TA66320 Axle and Hub Puller Adaptor


    Features Convert your Cat. Nos. 80000, 81000 & 81100 to a SlideHammerAxle & Hub Puller. Adapter accepts 5/8?-18 female threadedpulling attachments.Thread onto Slugger shaft or any shaft having a 3/4? NPSMthread to pull axlesand hubs with ease. Solid steel construction. This is sameadapter suppliedwith Cat. No. 66340. Replaceable bolt, nut and lock washer.

  • OT OTC OT7497A Rear Axle Bearing Puller


    Features Rear axle bearing puller. Fits min. bearing tube I.D. of1-3/8 in. and Max. axle tube I.D. of 2-7/8″

  • CV CAL-VAN CV94800 Universal Hub Puller


    Features Tool will remove wheel hubs mounted on tapered axles andpress fit rear brake drums. Can be adjusted by legs to an 8-in. diameter boltcircle. Made of alloy steel and drop forged, this heavy dutytool has a center screw 1-in.-14 x 9-in. with a 1-1/8-in.hex head.