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Buy Vise Grips Plier at Vermont Tool Company

Are you searching for quality hand tools to clamp for welding, grab onto stripped bolts, and pull nails?

Why waste your time? With Vermont Tool Company, you get high-grade and heat-treated alloy steel Vise Grips Pliers set. From house projects to DIY, we offer versatile options of vice grip locking pliers so that you can mark a line.

Need a third hand for easy grip and flexible work?

They're perfect for holding materials at the right height and give you more space to secure them.

Let's consider why you buy vice grips tools from Vermont Tool Company.

Vermont Tool offers the best vise grip pliers set

In our store, you get high-quality steel vise grips with affordable pricing that fulfill every constructor, homeowner, or farmer's needs. Also, we offer different types of hand vise grip, including

  • Straight jaw locking plier
  • Curved jaw locking plier
  • Needle nose locking plier
  • C-Clamp jaw locking plier

Want to buy a pair of locking pairs for your project? Then check out the list below:

Key Features of our locking pliers are listed below:

  • We provide durable materials such as high-grade steel, chrome vanadium steel, or nickel-plated that protect against rust and corrosion.
  • Our vise grip ensures non-slip, easy to use, and flexible handgrip.
  • Lock jaws are in the required position and self-adjusting locking.

We always ensure quality materials and standard tools, no matter what locking plier or Vise grip tools you choose or demand. And our hand tools have fame because they are a staple for any garage or toolbox.

What are vise grip pliers used for?

These higher-quality steel and construction tools are used for different working options that are mentioned below:

  • Remove damaged nuts and bolts.
  • Suit best for welding.
  • Vise grips sets are ideal for tubing or cylindrical.
  • Tools vise grip offers a handy wire cutting feature.
  • Help to grip a wide variety of surfaces from any angle.
  • Used for fixing or assembling components like chain links or crimping wire connectors.
  • A valuable kit for bending or breaking materials like plastic and thin metals.
  • Help pitching off pipes, lines, and tubes.
  • Accessible to pulling nails, staples, and other fasteners.

However, the locking pliers are the most versatile hand tools with tremendous functionality. For this reason, the vise grip tool sets are used for many applications.

Common Question about vise grip pliers

Why are locking pliers called vise-grips?

Vise grips are a pair of locking magmatism tools, including locking clamps, ratchet, right angle vise grips, or a group of jaws.

And the locking pliers are pliers that can lock into place on a surface or around a bolt.

One side of the handle attaches with a bolt (used to adjust the spacing of the jaws), and the other side has a lever to push the two sides of the handles apart (unlock the pliers).

What sizes do vice grips come in?

In the marketplace, from right angle vise grips to small vice grips are available in different sizes per usage, like twisting, turning, clamping, etc.

Are Vermont tools selling vise grips that have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, Vermont Tool Company sells vise grip tools with a warranty and quality at affordable pricing. For lifetime warranty details for your preferable vise grips, please email or contact us.

Are vise grips made in the USA?

No, the brand is no longer manufactured in the USA because the production of vise grip stopped in 2008 and moved to China.

After that, in 2018, Malco bought the original vice-grips factory and made the Eagle Grip professional-grade locking pliers.

Who makes the best vise grips?

IRWIN Industrial tools make the best vise grip tools set. It is an American manufacturer and distributor offering high-quality power and hand tools accessories.