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Buy high-quality hex bits set from Vermont Tool Company

Quality hex bit sets are great to work with. Hex and bit sets are essential pieces for handling superior industrial work. Hex and bits are generally used to tighten or loosen the hard joints on industrial equipment. But if you want quality hex and bit sets made with chrome vanadium steel, you need to find a trusted brand.

Vermont Tool Company has the highest-grossing hex bit sets available. Vermont Tool Company provides the highest quality hex bit sets for your working convenience. In the following, let's find out some of the prominent companies' hex bit sets.

Milwaukee hex bit set

The Milwaukee hex bit set is the ultimate solution for all your drilling work. Milwaukee hex bit set has the maximum quality for your work. The hex key set is durable and includes customized steel and heat treatment per tip type for extending the lifetime of the driver bits. Also, the shockzone helps absorb peak torque, prevents breaking the hex key set and stripping, and decreases wobble. So, Milwaukee is the perfect hex key set to provide you with the optimum service.

GearWrench hex bit

Gearwrench is another prominent hex bit socket set builder, and their quality build has already reached a higher level. Their hex bit set is available in standard, long, and mid-lengths. Their bits are made with S2 steel for the highest tolerances so they won't wear easily. Their hex bit socket provides unmatched speed and strength, which you can use for almost any job. Professional with full polish chrome socket and anti-corrosion, black oxide coating on E-Torx sockets. So, don't wait anymore; buy yours from Vermont Tools.

Sunex hex bit

Sunex hex bit set is built on their reputation of impact socket. The main feature of their hex bit set is the Chromium-molybdenum alloy steel materials that can sustain high temperature and high pressure and are durable for their strong build. The box includes various hex bit sets, star bits, stubby bits, tamperproof stars, and triple square bits, so you can use this set for various purposes.

Lisle hex bit

Lisle Hex bit sets are easy to use without the screws system. These high-strength, heat-treated alloy bits are securely placed into chrome-plated sockets. The chrome-plated sockets are durable and strong enough to hold in place. Also, these hex bit sets are easy to use without the set screws to tighten. So, considering the features, you can purchase Lisle hex bit sets from Vermont Tools.

OTC Tool hex bit

OTC tool hex bit sets include different pieces of hex bits for your different working convenience. This tool hex bit sets are constructed with S2 grade steel, it is one of the highest grade steel materials for industrial instruments. The hex bit sets include 1/8-inch, 5/32-inch, 3/16-inch, 7/32-inch, 5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/4 hex bits. The high-quality bit sockets are easy to use in the different working areas.

CTA Tools hex bit

This American-based hex bit has the ultimate solution for your industrial work. The main thing is this hex bit set is durable, and it ensures any heavy-duty construction. Also, the high torque purposes provide a higher level of the working force. So, this 5mm hex bit set could be a handy tool for industrial work.

VIM Tools hex bit

This metric hex bit set includes different sizes of hex bits, 3/8, ½, and ¼ inch. The polished and S2 steel drive bits are the strongest and hardest drivers available. It comes with plastic storage that is beneficial for keeping your hex bits safe.

TITAN hex bit

TITAN hex bit sets include various sizes of metric bit sockets. The S2 alloy steel bits are durable, and chrome vanadium sockets with corrosion-resistant plated finish are durable for longer periods. Their storage rail has powerful magnetic material that sticks to ferrous metal surfaces. Their hex bit sizes include 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 5.5, and 4mm hex bits. Also, 6 to 12-mm hex bit sets are available as well.

How many bits are in a hex digit?

Four bits define each hexadecimal.

Can I use hex shank drill bits?

Yes, you can use hex shank drill bits with a normal drill chuck.

Can you use hex bits in a drill?

Yes, you can use the hex bits in a drill but make sure the drill can withstand the torque of the impact driver.

How many bits does each hex digit require?

Each hex digit requires four bits.

Is a hex bit the same as an Allen wrench?

Hex bit and Allen wrench are different tools, but both are hexagon-shaped bits.

In conclusion, hex bit sets are great tools for the hardware, shaft collars or couplings, and different machine components. Vermont tools offer different varieties of hex bits and hex bit sockets for your industrial work. Choose yours now.