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What are locking pliers?

Locking pliers are a kind of tool whose jaws are joined at a sliding pivot, which allows them to be temporarily locked in a fixed position so that easily grasp and turn nuts.

This is the perfect replacement handle because once locked firmly in place, they typically allow for the application of enough turning or levering force to restore functionality until the component can be repaired or replaced.

In many circumstances where standard pliers are inadequate for use, locking pliers are used for welding clamps, makeshift handles, removing stuck nails, and many other tasks.

These are used to secure metal components for welding and come in a variety of configurations and shapes, including locking wrenches, clamps, and needle-nose locking pliers.

Locking pliers use: What are locking pliers used for?

Blacksmiths mostly use this tool for making several tools, like swords and shields. It can be their third hand to hold the heated metal pieces. This versatile tool has some other additional uses. These are-

  • Hold an object steady while it is being repaired.
  • Loosen stubborn bolts and other fixed objects.
  • Hold something that couldn't be held with your hands—that might be from a welding project.
  • Grip the broken piece and rotate the part in its threads. If tightened, the fastener can be taken out.
  • Stop a leak or briefly turn off a system for maintenance or repair.
    Work as a built-in wire cutter used for materials like cable ties, string, and pallet strapping.
  • Fix or assemble components like chain links and crimp wire connectors.
  • Bend or break materials like plastic and thin metals.
  • Use for light demolition work.

Those locking pliers are widely used in several critical power generation, oil and natural gas, railroad, and aviation. This is because it is a reliable tool and dependable on clamping force.

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Vise grip locking pliers

The Irwin Vise grip locking pliers provides more gripping power without slipping and stopping with its self-energizing jaw. Even it also provides maximum twisting without requiring heavy input pressure. This brand of locking pliers is made of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel and hardened teeth that come in a variety of gripping angles. It has the most toughness and durability.

Knipex locking pliers

Knipex manufactures heavy-duty locking pliers, which are ideal for gripping and locking round or flat materials. The high-strength rolled steel body can easily adjust screws and release the high clamping pressure lever. It is long-lasting and easy to operate.

Milwaukee Locking Pliers

Milwaukee’s locking pliers are heavy-weight, durable, and well-built. Most metal experts or wood and metal companies suggest it because it has more locking force. Its curved jaw maximizes the pressure joints for any nut, bolt, or locking tool applications. It has rust protection that increases the tool's life.

Snap-on locking pliers

Snap-on locking pliers are made of high-grade heat-treated steel alloys. Its flat jaw locking pliers provides a comfortable gripping surface and adjusts oversized screw with its wide head. Their body textured a bright nickel finish for giving your classic feel.

Eagle Grip locking pliers

Eagle Grip locking pliers possess all the toughness and quality needed. It comes in a variety of jaws that have the strength to grip, clamp, and tighten the screws, nuts, and bolts. There are some curved jaws available for use as a wire cutter, repairing work, and some other tough jobs.

Common Questions of Locking Pliers

Can I use locking pliers to remove the stubborn bolt?

Yes, you can. This is because when you try to remove the stubborn bolt, an adjustable wrench is useless, and so you need a locking jaw plier. Use a straight jaw to turn until the screw comes loose, and then it comes out easily.

Can lock grip pliers remove a bolt?

Yes, it can. It is made for removing a stripped screw or bolt. Its jaw grip holds screws' heads in place and loosens the tight connection points to remove them

Are channel lock pliers guaranteed?

Channel-lock is a brand of slip-joint pliers that offers a warranty on their products. They manufactured high-quality pliers, so it’s hard to find the limitations on their materials.

What can I use instead of locking pliers?

Locking pliers are designed to serve many purposes. If you’re not using locking pliers, you can go for regular pliers or scissors. Like, you use scissors to hold the heated metal.

Where are channel lock pliers made?

Channel Lock Company is situated in Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA. From 1886 to the present day, it has been the most well-known hand tool manufacturer that has produced more than 75 different sizes and types of pliers.

Who makes the best locking pliers?

Irwin manufactures one of the best locking pliers, but there are some more companies on the list, including Blackhawk, Milwaukee, Knipex, The Eagle Grip, and Channel Lock.