• MTV MOTORVAC? MTV500-0220 Carbon Clean Fuel Injector Machine


    Features Fuel System Cleaning and Decarbonizing Service Unique adapters make it easy to hook up to vehicle’sfuel rail, saving time and money. An easy to use online application guide provides visual,step by step instructions on how to attach to thousands ofvehicles quickly & easily. Features built in diagnostic capabilities, includingfuel pump performance testing. Uses MotorVac…

  • ML MASTERCOOL ML43060-TURBO Turbo/Intake Smoke machine with internal compressor and


    Features Diagnose all turbo, intakes, exhaust, vacuum lines andvacuum components, manifolds, passenger compartment windowand sunroof, headlight/tail-light fixtures and much more.Not for EVAP testing. This unit provides the option of compressed air, inertgases and a built-in internal compressor to inject the smokeinto the system. Accessories include: inflatable intake bladder, full setof block off caps, exhaust cone,…

  • ML MASTERCOOL ML43060-HD HD / Truck Smoke Machine with accessory kit


    Features Diagnose HD truck intakes, exhaust, vacuum lines andcomponents, cabin air and water leaks and much more. Not forEVAP testing Accessories Uses shop air or inert gas (does not include compressor) Quick smoke generation Built-in safety pressurerelief valve Include: two large inflatable block-off bladders withsafety chains, 6? rigid smoke stack ring, pressure sensorport adapter, oxygen…

  • TN TITAN VAPER TEKZ TN21006 Professional Workbench


    Features Durable powder-coated finish Full bottom shelf Weight capacity: 1,200 lbs Top panel: 13 gauge steel Bottom shelf: 13 gauge steel Steel support: 12 gauge steel Overall Dimensions: 60? W x 31? D x 34? H

  • SD SAFEGUARD HYDRAULICS SD66040 4 Ton Collision Repair Kit


    Features Designed for spreading, pushing and pressingapplications withing the automotive field. Multipule attachments are included. Pumps are rated from 8,000 to 10,000 PSI. Custome designed case ensure ease of storage andtransportation. Capacity: 4 Ton Pump Output Pressure: 8,200 psi Ram Minimum Height: 10-1/2? Stroke: 4-3/4?, Ram Extended Height: 15-1/4″ Pump Oil Capacity: 21.36 cubic inch

  • KD GEARWRENCH KD83166 Mobile Work Table Station


    Features Adjustable top tray that goes where you need it Adjustable height from 35-48? Holes in top for hanging tools 125 Lb. load tested / 65 Lb. on sides 18 gauge frame 20 gauge top and dividers Bolted dual legs 25? x 20? Protects the work area: Bumper guards on corners Ease of use /…

  • AO ASTRO PNEUMATIC AO55670 Multi-Action Work Station and Material Handling Product


    Features 7-IN-1 Workbench is a versatile unit that provides awide variety of features Integrated power strip for standard power cords and USBdevices. Transforms into seven different types of devices:workbench, saw horse, scaffold, platform, car creeper, dollyand hand truck. Features an extending tool tray, hanging hook, push bar,2 vice pegs, 2 quick clamp connection ports and…