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Best Plier Sets for Sale at Vermont Tool Company

Whether you're a DIYer, homeowner, or electrician, plier sets are essential for removing, tightening, pulling, and cutting wires or other purposes.

And for this, you need versatile and durable solutions that contribute timeless sophistication to any engineering workstation, DIY project, or plumbing.

With Vermont Tool Company's products, you get a whole set of pliers with high-quality materials that gains popularity among professionals.

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Get a grip on your next project with new pliers from Vermont Tool

In your workstation, when you're cutting, bending, or gripping all day long, you need a strong, risk-free, quality plier in your toolbox. With Vermont Tool Company, you can trust in our variety and versatility of all types of pliers.

In the hand tool or automotive marketplace, you get so many options of plier sets, such as Channellock, IRWIN, GEARWRENCH, WORKPO, etc., but how to choose the best ones that suit your job?

You can overcome these situations with us because VTC offers the USA's renowned top brands pliers for sale in one place.

Choosing the right pliers for the right job

From DIY activities to professional operations, VTC offers quality material pliers with renowned brands to smoothen your job.

But before buying one, you need to understand different pliers functions to store in your toolbox, such as

Common Pliers:

  • Diagonal Pliers – used for cutting thick wires or even cutting through nails.
  • Hose Clamp Pliers – used for compressing, bending hoses, and spring clamps to make tight connections.
  • Combination Pliers – help in gripping and cutting.
    Needle Nose Pliers – highly efficient for armoring, jewelry making, etc.
  • Slip Joint Pliers – widely used in plumbing applications.
    Bent Nose Pliers – just like needle nose pliers. But you can bend it 45-90 degrees angle.
  • Chain Nose Pliers – a versatile tool.
  • Linesman Pliers – best for cutting thick electrical wires.
  • Tongue and Groove Pliers – also known as water-pump pliers. And used for moving stiff nuts, bolts, and other plumbing jobs.
  • Flat Nose Pliers – used for gripping and twisting metal sheets, wires, etc.

Some Frequently used Pliers:

Vermont Tool Company offers high-quality plier sets

Throughout the decades, VTC's product line has expanded based on their customer's needs like hand tools, battery maintenance, air tools, diagnostic solutions, power tools, etc. And every product ensures high-quality brand materials with the best value.

Curious to know which brand's product we offer? Let's check out below:

  • Sunex plier set plier
  • Milwaukee plier
  • Knipex plier
  • Gearwrench plier
  • Channellock plier
  • Vise-Grip plier

Now, it's time to buy your own master plier sets from these USA's renowned pliers tool manufacturers.

User's most comfortable buying pneumatic tools from Vermont Tool Company

Every product earns trust from its high-quality materials, design, durability, and performance. Thanks to our famous brands for providing all customer-oriented solutions.

From universal plier set to craftsman plier set, we are committed to serving different industrial and commercial products by understanding our customer's needs.

And our strength lies in,

On-Time Shipping: We know how important it is for you to get your stuff on time. So, we do our best to deliver on time.

Best Prices: We offer unbeatable prices in the industry that fulfills every consumer's needs and demand.

Top Notch Quality: We are committed to providing top-quality products to our customers from reputed and famous brands.

Discover our highest standards of plier sets now! Contact us to know more.

Important FAQs of plier set

What is the price of the plier set?

The pricing of plier sets depends on the product's strength, size, shape, and versatility. So, before buying, pay attention to these factors.

However, Vermont Tool Company always offers quality plier sets with reasonable pricing. You can buy SU SUNEX TOOLS SU3617 3 Piece Aviation Snips Set to get the most demanding and affordable plier toolsets.

What is the best brand of plier set?

The best and quality plier set manufacturer or wholesalers are

  • Sunex Tools
  • Channellock
  • Milwaukee
  • OTC Tools
  • VIM Tools

Do you want to experience all these brand plier sets in one place? Vermont Tool Company offers all these brands' high-quality pliers at affordable prices.

What is the best brand of needle-nose pliers?

Based on customer experience and ratings, let's check out the top needle nose pliers brand below:

  • Sunex Tools
  • KNIPEX Tools
  • Channellock
  • Neiko
  • Klein Tools
  • Vampliers

When you want to buy the best needle-nose pliers, pay attention to build-in stronger materials. So, it is wise to invest your money in USA's famous retailers & suppliers such as Vermont Tool Company.

What are the most versatile pliers brand?

The most versatile pliers brand is:

  • Channellock
  • Gearwrench
  • Sunex

Quality pliers are one of the most versatile hand tools in your toolbox. Considering strong mechanisms and versatility, these brands always offer you highly versatile pliers tools.

Which plier do electricians use?

The most used and effective electrical plier kits are mentioned below:

  • Side-cutting Pliers
  • High Leverage Diagonal Cutter Pliers
  • Cable Cutter Pliers
  • Linesman's pliers
  • Slip Joint pliers
  • Long-nose or needle-nose pliers
  • Tongue-and-Groove pliers

If you want to get all these electrical pliers with a kitbag, you can buy VISE-GRIP VG2078712 8 Piece GrooveLock ProPliers Set or SUNEX TOOLS SU3607V 5 Piece Professional Pliers Set at a reasonable price.

What type of pliers is used both for stripping and cutting?

Combination pliers, also known as Linesman Pliers, are used for basic DIY or various electrical jobs like stripping, cutting, bending wire, twisting, etc. Also, it offers a versatile working tool.