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Buy UV Leak Detection And Dyes at Best Price

People often face numerous leakage problems in their automotive systems like cars, vehicles, AC, etc. They need various leak detectors to solve these problems. UV leak detection kits are best for finding out leakages. It helps to identify leakages without mess, measuring, and circulations.

Are you probably searching for UV leak detection dyes but don’t know where to get them at affordable prices?

No worry! Vermont Tool Company is for helping you. Here, you can buy UV leak detection dyes and kits at the best prices.

Vermont Tool Company Offers High-Quality UV Leak Detection Kit

Vermont Tool Company is famous for providing high-quality kits for UV leak detection. It offers different types of leak detection accessories such as Master Leak Shield, AC Oil Cartridge, Fuel System UV Dye, Dye Injection Kit Caulk-Gun, and more.

Here are some best UV leak detection dye kits that you can get at VTC.

Master Leak Shield

Master leak shield is one of the most popular UV leak detection kits which is designed to seal pinhole-sized leaks caused by corrosion. When the leak is too large, you can detect it using UV light. Here are some details about the products.

Features and Usage:

  • Seals small leaks and helps prevent leaks.
  • Detects large leaks using high-quality UV dye.
  • Prevent leaks in metal and rubber parts of air conditioners, refrigerators, evaporators, o-rings, and hoses.
  • Apparent delivery systems prevent any residual sealant from being left in the can.
  • It Contains lubricate systems.
  • Intertek laboratory tested: no damage, no restriction.
  • Compatible with all refrigerants and oils.
  • Safe and contains no harmful polymers.

Oil Injection Kit

Oil injection kits are the world's most famous and professional injection method. It’s easy to use and provides high-quality services. Here are some details of the oil injection kit.

Features and Usage:

  • It Provides easy, accurate, and contamination-free oil injection.
  • It’s used for mounting and dismounting pressure joints like
  • Rolling bearings, Couplings, Gears, Flywheels, and Railway Wheels.
  • There is No need to worry about the correct mixture.
  • Excellent for use with SAE-certified A/C equipment.

AC Oil Cartridge

AC Oil cartridge is used for Hybrid vehicle air conditioning systems that require specific A/C compressor oils and installation procedures. UV AC oil cartridge has been designed for Hybrid use. It is low in moisture and free of any cross-contamination with other oils.

Features and Usage:

  • AC Oil Cartridge makes oil injected cleanly, accurately, and quickly into a pressurized system.
  • It allows accurate top-ups of systems.
  • Universal PAG Oil for all R134a systems.
  • Double-end capped for stability.

UV light for leak detection

UV light is a sleek and compact penlight containing ultraviolet LEDs that detect HVAC leaks. It provides flexible use of the USB cord or optional AC wall adapter.

Features and Usage:

  • Utterly regulated output for steady performance over the battery life.
  • It contains a Lithium-ion battery capable of recharging in 2.5 hours.
  • It’s rechargeable by a USB cord or an optional AC wall adapter.
  • It includes a Water-resistant sliding metal sleeve that protects the USB port.

Dye Cartridges: UV dye leak detection kit

UV dye leak detection kit is a multi-purpose dye with power steering fluid, gasoline, diesel engine oil, and automatic transmission fluid. Here are some details of the kit.

Features and Usage:

  • It’s specially designed to remain in the system when leak detection is done safely.
  • Formulated to car oil leaks, A/C leaks, EVAP leaks, and fuel leaks.
  • Also, it’s beneficial for ATF leaks, power steering fluid leaks, and hydraulics leaks.
  • It contains a hybrid vehicle A/C dye cartridge.

UV Rechargeable Lite

UV Rechargeable Lite is a fantastic leak detection kit with lots of variety, such as a UV flashlight, High Powered 1200 Lumens LED Light, 3 in 1 UV Black Light LED Tactical Flashlight with Pocket Clip, etc.

Features and Usage:

  • It’s specially designed to detect car oil leaks, A/C leaks, and fuel leaks.
  • It contains a super bright and adjustable focus & 7 lighting modes.
  • It has 395NM UV Flashlight & Rechargeable.
  • It Contains a magnet flashlight & COB advanced technology.

Fuel System UV Dye

Fuel system UV dye is famous for professional leak detection performances. It’s compatible with all weights of petroleum-based lubricants. Here are some details of the Fuel System UV Dye.

Features and Usage:

  • You can use it in engine oil, transmissions, and power steering systems.
  • It contains an application of oil and fuel system UV leak detection dye.

Dye Injection Kit Caulk-Gun

The dye injection kit is helpful for high-volume shop applications. It includes a built-to-last Caulk-Gun injector. Here are some details of the Dye Injection Kit Caulk-Gun.

Features and Usage:

  • It contains 8 oz. of universal A/C dye that can provide services to up to 64 vehicles.
  • It gives precise leak detection for all automotive air conditioning systems.
  • It’s perfect for DIY jobs and small to mid-sized automotive repair shops.

Vermont Tool: The Best UV Leak Detection Kit Supplier

Vermont Tool Company is the best UV leak detection kit supplier. We always try to be friendly with our customers and provide the best world's top-class leak detection kits to make them satisfied. The facts that made us the best retailers are-

Different brand products: VTC is a tools-related company that works with the world's best Leak Detection Kit manufacturers. We stock huge branded kits that you can quickly get your desired kits.

Pricing Policy: VTC is a customer-friendly tools supplier that offers all the products at affordable prices. So, you can get your leak detection kits at reasonable prices compared to the other retailers.

Shipping Policy: we are famous for our shipping policy all over the US. We deliver our services while maintaining product safety, including low shipping charges. In some cases, we also provide free shipping services.

There are more adequate facilities you will get while purchasing leak detection dyes and kits, such as warranty policy, turnaround times, and more.

Common Question about UV Leak Detection

How do you find a UV oil leak?

UV leak detection kits include a fluorescent dye that spreads glow under ultraviolet light. You can trace the leakage when it’s circulated into the engine’s oil by lighting the flashlight around areas.

Is it possible to carry out leak detection using UV light?

UV light can detect leakages precisely because it makes all external surfaces, pipework, joints, and coils disclose leakages as a yellow or green fluorescent glow.

What is the best leak detection method?

The Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is the best leak detection method for pipeline operators.

How do you add UV dye to an air conditioner?

First, pour some drops of UV dye into the manifold gauge”s yellow line, which hooks up to a compressor and hangs from the center. After that, add the dye to the AC unit.

How long does it take for UV dye to work?

It mainly depends on the size of your system, and it can take about 5 to 45 mins to work.