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Buy Heavy Duty Rivet Guns at Affordable Prices

People often face trouble when driving and installing rivets, especially when they try this activity by manually. Because the blind rivets are not easy to install and operate by hand, they require tricky force and pressure. But you can quickly solve this problem by using a rivet gun.

Rivet guns are mechanical tools that help to install blind rivets softly. Vermont tool Company offers different branded rivet guns with numerous types, models, and categories. You can buy a heavy-duty rivet gun at affordable prices from VTC.

Vermont Tool: The best place to buy heavy-duty rivet guns

Vermont tool Company is the best place to buy heavy-duty rivet guns because it is one of the best tools retailers in the United States. This company continues a good deal with the world's best tool manufacturers and stocks all the top-rated rivet guns accessories.

You can buy different rivet guns of numerous types, models, and categories produced by world-class brands. Rivet guns usually consist of two types such as cordless rivet guns and corded rivet guns.

However, both types encompass various models and categories, like pneumatic rivet guns, electric rivet guns, battery-powered guns, plastic rivet guns, and more. Here are the best rivet gun details you can buy at Vermont Tool Company.

Cordless rivet gun

Cordless rivet guns gained extraordinary demand among people due to their easy usage and long-lasting service. You will get different cordless rivet guns from various brands like Milwaukee M12 rivet guns. It provides a fast and easy riveting service with excellent performance, durability, and lightweight.

Features and used for:

  • It can pull up to 3/16″ stainless steel rivets with ease.
  • It offers 450 1/8″ steel rivets per charge.
  • It can pull 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″ rivets.
  • It has a large capacity of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel with a 0.8″ Stroke Length and 2,000 lbs.
  • This gun can hold the rivet in any orientation.

Pneumatic rivet gun:

Pneumatic rivet guns are popular tools for blind rivet installation. This tool usually uses compressed air to drive and install rivets through two or more components and binds them together. Pneumatic rivet guns are typically used for transportation, aerospace, metal manufacturing, construction, and other large-scale industrial activities.

Features and used for:

  • It offers clean, consistent, and effortless riveting service.
  • It provides lower labor time than a manual rivet gun and helps drive down labor costs in small-scale and large-scale operations.
  • It has high-quality sealing and a closed-end pop rivet known as a sealed blind rivet.
  • The pneumatic rivet gun is lightweight, and it is easy to use.
    You don’t need to recharge or change batteries.

What is a rivet gun used for?

A rivet gun is a mechanical tool used to compress air for driving and installing rivets through two or more compliments while blinding them together. Due to its vast benefits, the rivet gun has become an essential tool in industrial applications.

Here are some industrial sectors that must have rivet guns:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction and modern architecture
  • Metal fabrication Industry
  • Woodworking

Common Question about rivet guns

Can you use a metal rivet gun for plastic rivets?

Yes. You can use a metal rivet gun for plastic rivets. Moreover, you can also use them for nylon and metal.

Can I use a regular rivet gun for plastic rivets?

Regular rivet guns are usually made of heavy-duty steel and work great on plastic and nylon rivets.

Does Ryobi make a rivet gun?

Yes. Ryobi is famous for making rivet guns. This manufacturing company produces different categorized rivet guns, such as corded and cordless rivet guns, electric rivet guns, and pneumatic rivet guns.

Does Dewalt make a cordless rivet gun?

Dewalt makes both cordless and corded rivet guns that are ideal for fastening in any direction. It also provides a lifetime warranty.

How do I choose the right rivet gun?

Choosing the right rivet gun depends on a tool with the proper power to provide the speed and efficiency you want. So, consider your tool capacity when searching for the right rivet gun.