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Vermont Tool Company

consignment Policy

Our Online Consignment Store Policy

1. Contact Vermont Tool Company!

2. Conduct an appraisal of your item(s), using our live marketing data.

3. Acquiring Photos and accurate description of your item(s) to be sold.

4. I go to work for you and listing the item(s) on our ecommerce platforms.

5. To get started on listing your item on my eCommerce Platforms we require a Listing Fee of $1.00.

6. Discussing the consignment fee. Or our business terms, we have already laid out for more then one item.

7. Discussing the projected profit we will make.

8. IF YOUR ITEM Does not sell the consignment listing fee will not be refunded.

9. Sold item. This when I will be writing up our final value worksheet to present to you; this will detail all the expenses and your profitability.

10. Shipping your item! At this point we have all money figured out with detailed shipping cost. The shipping cost is as low as we can possibly make it, this figure will be in your final value worksheet. It is your responsibility to ship the item; unless discussed about.

Keep In Mind

Ideal consigned items are items that wont acquire a large shipping charge. We compare prices between UPS and USPS. We have decided never to use FedEx.

Consignment fees are broken down now into tiers based on how much the item sells for.
Items Sold for less then $100 = a 25% consignment fee.

Items sold for $101-500 = a 20% Consignment Fee
Items Sold for $501-1000 = a 18% consignment fee.

Items sold for over $1000 = 16% consignment fee


Our e-commerce platforms only accept or issue refunds if the item is defective, items are missing, was sent the wrong item, wasn’t delivered to correct address, if the shipping service loses the package. Make sure to Package the item well to prevent damage.

PayPal OR VIA check. You will need to have a free PayPal account to be paid from me. If we form a partnership you will be emailed a final value worksheet that details how the consignment works and how much you plan to profit from selling the item. Everything is detailed in our final value worksheet.

Once you have shipped the item out with our provided shipping label. We must wait until the customer receives the item and responds positively or until 7 days have pasted for time of delivery.

Looking To Establish A Partnership?

For Companies And Business Owners Looking To Establish A Partnership. We welcome all business opportunities to help build the products we do have to offer at VTC . We encourage you to take time to talk to us about your business goals and your projected profitability for engaging in a consignment. I will be your business partner, and being that I have your best interests in mind. Email me: consignment store online consignment