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Hi there,
Here at VTC we will provide YOU with “name brand tools with a warranty”.
Vermont Tool Company is a single-member LLC based in Vermont. We work with multiple vendors across the USA to bring you a competitive price on all your automotive needs. We will price match our competition! Your purchase goes to help fuel our forever expanding business, thank you so much for your support.

Vermont Tool Company was originally founded inside my apartment building back in 2017. I have always been a natural born salesman!
I began to find items to post on ebay and got a taste for selling on e-commerce platforms.
In 2018 I founded Walker Discount LLC using my last name to make a legacy for my family to remember me by. I was moving forward quickly with legitimizing my e-commerce business. That entire year I took our hundreds of items to eBay and began the tedious task of manually importing every item into our old website. Designing the website was done manually, our original logo was created.

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About Vermont Tool Company

In 2019 We begin to see spikes of customers on a small scale via social media. Our Facebook shop was set up under Vermont Tool Company. Our legal name changes.We launched our Instagram profile. Branching out to people via social media was critical.
In 2020 we finally felt mature enough as a business to bring our inventory to amazon. Our popularity continues to grow on social media. We begin to meet more important people that will help ameliorate our business.
In 2021 our entire business changes as we know it. Going into our 5th year as a business we are craving more complex e-commerce applications. Our website gets an entire makeover; We assembled a team to assist in building our new permanent website. Now offering over 26,000 items as a permanent staple in the tool world/automotive industry.

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How it all Started

We Founded in USA

VTC is a Single Member LLC founded in Nov 2017


Vermont Tool Company

December 2018

VTC Business

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We became a real business in December 2018.

The growth Continues

Till date, the growth continues, we are committed to delivering excellent services at great prices.

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We offer unbeatable prices in the industry.

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We know how important it is for you to get your stuff on time. We always do our best to deliver on time.

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We are committed to providing top quality products to our customers at great prices.