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  • CE CENTRAL CE3M430A Digital Rotor Gage


    Features Improved design for easier measurement of brake rotors Depth rod for measuring pad wear Pointed anvils and 3.50″ longs arms to inspect rotorsbefore turning or replacing them Improved anvil and arm design to better get into scoresand tight spaces Easy to read digital display withinch/metric conversion 0-4.00″/0-100mm range with .001″/.01mm graduations Uses an SR44/357…

  • CE CENTRAL CE3B631 Wheels on Drum Gage for Brakes


    Features Measure truck trailer drums without removing wheels. Unique shape to go around air cans. Electronic Brake Drum Gage 4″-20″/100-500mm capacity 4″ drum preset (101.60mm) Floating zero sets zero anywhere Hold function Resolution: 0.0005″/.01mm Dust, water and oil resistant Includes 4″ setting master, fitted case