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OTC Tool: The most popular power tool brand for automotive enthusiasts

OTC Tool is a vehicle and equipment manufacturing company founded by Godfrey Kaplan, who operated a small machine shop in Owatonna, Minnesota. By 1934, OTC was selling mechanic's tools to farmers and service stations.

In 2012 OTC became a Bosch brand and has been integrated into the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket division By supplying the aftermarket and repair shops worldwide.

The products of OTC include automotive fuel maintenance equipment, electronic vehicle diagnostics, and a complete selection of automotive service hand tools.

Vermont Tool Company sells top-rated OTC tools on the market

Vermont Tool Company is a popular tools retailer in the USA which stocks different types of branded tools and sells them at affordable prices. You can buy top-rated OTC tools for your automotive enthusiasts from Vermont Tool Company. Here is a list of OTC tools you can buy from VTC.

OBD diagnostics scan tool

OBD stands for onboard diagnostics, so an OBD diagnostic scan tool refers to a vehicle diagnostic device that reads the error memory and data recorded on your automotive systems.

OBD diagnostic scanners manufactured by OTC Tool can save you time and money. It can plug into your car's onboard diagnostics system port and pull the error codes to see what's happening. Vermont Tool Company offers different OBD diagnostic scanners at reasonable prices with a sustainable warranty.

Ball joints service kit

Replacing ball joints is time-consuming without a ball joint service kit. Ball standard service kits remove and install press-fit ball joints instead of taking the vehicle's control arm. The OTC ball joint service kit can also be used to remove or install U-joints.

This tool is designed with drop forged steel with solid and dependable to provide lifetime service. Vermont Tool Company provides ball joint service kits with different brands and models that help you choose the best one.

Fuel injector cleaning kit

Fuel injector cleaning kit clogged fuel injectors cause sluggish engine performance, poor fuel economy, and a rough idle. This injector cleaning kit helps you solve various problems. It can work on a wide range of domestic and imported engines.

This injector kit also helps you do low and high-pressure fuel system tests. It can work with your shop's pressurized air supply for more powerful cleaning. It can remove carbon from intake and combustion systems.

Collision repair sets

OTC collision repair sets contain 4 to 10-ton capacity and have the power and components to quickly and safely move damaged metal. This tool has a heavy-duty, single-speed, hand-powered hydraulic pump. You can exert hydraulic force where it needs to lift, spread, bend, and straighten steel or aluminum parts.

It can handle the high-force jobs you may face daily in collision repair, trailer maintenance, and industrial service. Vermont Tool Company offers all kinds of collision repair sets made by OTC at affordable costs.

Jack Stands

Jack stands are lightweight tools supporting a vehicle after lifting a jack. Its broad pyramid foot base can give added strength and stable support. This tool is made of high-grade forged steel with a welded frame design to provide long-lasting services.

This tool can handle many vehicles, including small cars and light-duty trucks. Vermont Tool Company sells different jack stands made by OTC at reasonable prices with an extended warranty.

Lift transmission jack

The lift transmission jack is different from the conventional hydraulic floor jack or bumper jack. It takes position centrally under the automation and lifts the transmission through a lifting platform that is attached to the transmission jack lift frame.

OTC tool manufactures the best transmission jacks of different models and categories that contain an adjustable head for aligning with transmission bolt patterns and pins. Also, these heavy-duty jacks include casters for mobilization and straps or chains for secured equipment during movement.

Snap ring pliers set

Snap ring pliers are hand tool sets specially used to install and remove snap rings. This tool is suitable for easy usage and spring-loaded for smooth work. This heavy-duty pliers set ensures quality services.

There are two types of snap ring pliers set: internal and external pliers set. The external pliers set is mainly designed to install external sap rings in the outside slot of the shaft or dowel. On the other hand, internal pliers set is usually used for inner snap ring installation inside the hollow or cylindrical housing.

Spark plug remover kit

A spark plug remover kit is usually used to keep the spark plug in the first place. This tool helps you prevent breakage by locking the plug porcelain core to the plug hex, which allows it to turn as one complete unit, unlike similar tools that help to remove the spark plug once it has been broken.

The spark plug remover kit will also help pull the porcelain core when the plug hex is removed. Vermont Tool Company sells different-sized and categorized OTC spark plug remover kits at competitive prices.

Puller set

Puller sets are tools that remove parts such as bearings, pulleys, or gears from a shaft. Puller sets typically have two or three legs that circle the back or inside of a function. This tool also contains a forcing screw that can center up against the end of a shaft.

Vermont Tool Company provides different puller sets such as bearing splitter plates, 2 and 3 arms bearing pullers, internal bearing pullers, bar type pullers & slide hammer pullers.

Important FAQs of OTC tool

Are OTC tools a good brand?

OTC Tool is a good brand that produces heavy-duty and long-lasting products. People rely on this brand for their high-intensity projects.

Does Bosch own OTC tools?

In 2012, OTC became a Bosch brand and integrated into the automotive service solution business unit of Bosch's aftermarket business division.

Are otc tools made in the USA?

Yes, OTC tools are manufactured in Owatonna, Minnesota, which is in the United States.

What is the warranty for my otc tool?

OTC stands with its diagnostic tools with a lifetime warranty and a continued pledge to give you complete diagnostics coverage.

OTC is the most famous power tool manufacturer in the US for vehicle enthusiasts. Vermont Tool Company offers numerous OTC tools for your automotive enthusiasts at reasonable costs. I hope this article gave you the best guideline for automotive power tools. Now you can go forth and buy them.