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  • PM PERFORMANCE TOOL PMW2082 Li-Ion Cordless Heat Gun


    Features The most compact rechargable cordless heat gun on the marketis only 4.8 ounces and lightweight enough to carry in yourtool belt or repair kit Heats up to a maximumtemperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315C) within 10seconds with a very focused, no flame output to protectsurrounding components and wiring The built in 3.6v,2.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery…

  • DW DEWALT DWDCE530P1 20V MAX* Heat Gun Kit


    Features The DCE530P1 20V MAX* cordless heat gun can take you placesyour corded heat gun can’t. The cordless heat gun’s compactdesign allows for use in tight spaces and diverseapplications. From heat shrinking wire tubing to paint anddecal removal, this cordless heat gun gets the job done. Itfeatures up to a 990?F max output temperature** and…

  • DW DEWALT DWDCE530B 20V MAX Heat Gun Kit


    Features The cordless heat gun’s compact design allows for use intight spaces and diverse applications. From heat shrinkingwire tubing to paint and decal removal, this cordless heatgun gets the job done. It features up to a 990?F max outputtemperature** and comes with two temperature settings. Thespecialty lock on and off feature allows for hands freeoperation…