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  • AU AUTEL AUBTAK Battery Tester Accessory Kit


    Features Digital Multimeter and Current Clamp Kit Compatible with Autel’s MaxiBAS BT608 and BT609 BatteryAnalysis Tools Measures Voltage, Current and Resistance Includes 400 Amp Clamp Includes Probes and Leads Troubleshoot Electrical System Measures Battery Strength Effective Measurement Range of 20mA to 400A AC/DC One-Year Limited Warranty



    Features Full 135 amp load tests 6 and 12 volt batteries, alternatorsand starters on all types of vehicles. Durable and built forsafety. Recessed meter helps protect this hand-held testerfrom damage. Features heavy duty insulated safety clampswith 300-amp jaws.

  • AS ASSOCIATED AS6024 12/24V Load Alternator/Battery Tester


    Features Full 125 Amp load tests 12 Volt and 24 Volt batteries,alternators, and starters on all types of vehicles. Load: 125/125 A Voltmeter: 0-32 Volts DC Leads: 2′ 14/2, Clamps: 300 A

  • AS ASSOCIATED AS12-0200 Battery Test and Management Tool


    Features Vehicle Battery Systems fitted to modern cars require acomplex system to control and maintain the best charge anddischarge rates which not only ensures the longest inservice life but also that systems such as Stop/Startoperate correctly. Gives the operator access to all the functionscomplicated and time-consuming manufacturer scan tools haveto perform the same function but…

  • SI SOLAR SI1876 6/12/24 Volt Invasive Load Tester


    Features The 1876 provides variable load carbon pile testingcapability for 6, 12 or 24 Volt batteries to 2000 CCA. It allows quick, conclusive assessment of battery capacityas well as at-a-glace diagnosis of alternator output andstarting system capacity. With dual gauges, it is easyto manage the testing process and observe the results, Plus,load control is smooth…

  • SI SOLAR SI1874 Invasive Load Tester


    Features The 1874 provides variable load carbon pile testingcapability, allowing quick, conclusive assessment ofbatteries up to 1000 CCA. With dual gauges, it is easyto manage the testing process and observe the results ? loadcontrol is smooth and precise. Also can be used toassess starter and alternator performance. Variable load capability to 500 Amps Tests batteries…

  • SI SOLAR SIBA9 Handheld Battery Tester


    Features The BA9 Battery and System Tester features an operatingrange of 7-15V and is optimized to test six distinct batterytypes: Conventional Flooded Acid, AGM Flat Plate, AGM SpiralWound, Start-Stop AGM, Start-Stop Enhanced Flooded and GelCell batteries. It also features the convenience of startingand charging system testing, offering quick assessment andproviding both a numerical result and…

  • SI SOLAR SIBA427 Electronic Battery & System Tester with Printer


    Features The BA427 offers a complete testing solution for 6 and 12Volt batteries and 12 and 24 Volt charging systems. With anoperating range of 1.5-30V, it can even test dischargedbatteries. Compatiblewith a wide variety of battery types, the BA427 features atesting range to 3000 CCA, 10? cable leads, replaceablecable ends, direct temperature acquisition from the…

  • SI SOLAR SIBA327 Digital Battery & System Tester with Integrated Printer


    Features The tester’s integrated printer provides easy servicedocumentation. It features easy, intuitive operation withquick, accurate assessment of battery condition and startingand charging system performance. 6 and 12 Volt battery testing 1.5-30V Operating range 40-2000 CCA Testing capacity Temperature compensation Tests multiple battery types, including new Start-Stopbatteries Integrated printer Extrta-long 10′ leads Multilingual operation Counter function…

  • OT OTC OT3180 100 Amp Battery Tester


    Features Tests batteries on or off the car in just 10 seconds.Convenient, portable size and easy-to-read scales. Features and Benefits Heavy-duty copper-plated clamps, 100 amp load capacity0-16 volt range Load safety switch prevents arcing Heavy-duty, chrome-plated, ventilated steel case Works on both 6V and 12V batteries Ceramic insulatorsDetermines state of charge, cranking and charging volts…

  • MI MILTON MI1260 100 Amp Battery Tester


    Features Tests 6 and 12 volt batteries Analog displayis easy to read 1,000 cold cranking amps

  • FJ F J C FJ45110 100 AMP Toaster Style Battery Load Tester


    Manufacturer: Features FJ F J C Item Number: Features FJ45110 Description: Features 100 AMP Toaster Style Battery   Features Load Tester Selling U/M: Features EA Weight: Features 2.5500 Price: Features $47.00 Available: Features In Stock Comments: Features Test Car/truck batteries of current draw, voltage, andalternator preformance Tests 6 and 12 volt batteries Quick 10 second…

  • FJ F J C FJ45107 Hand Held Battery Tester


    Features Test Car/truck batteries of current draw, voltage, andalternator preformance Tests 6 and 12 volt batteries Quick 10 second load test

  • EL ELECTRONIC SPEC EL726 Digital Battery & Electrical System Analyzer w/Printer


    Features Digital Battery & Electrical System Analyzer w/Printer~ Tests New Start/Stop BatteriesAccurate Battery & Electrical System Tester Features programmed test for new Start/Stop Batteries 3 Testers in ONE!1) 6 & 12 Volt Battery Tester + 12V Start/Stop BatteryTest2) 12 & 24 Volt Charging System Tester3) Starting System Tester Wide Testing Range from 40 to 2,000…

  • EL ELECTRONIC SPEC EL710 500 Amp Carbon Pile Battery Load Tester


    Features 500 Amp adjustable load carbon pile. The #710 is a great tool for simulating actual crankingloads. Tests 12 volt batteries rated as high as 1000 CCA or 160Amp hour. Can also test alternators, regulators and starters. Large dual meters display battery voltage and loadcurrent simultaneously during the test. 500 amp side terminal clamps and…

  • EL ELECTRONIC SPEC EL687 Low Current Probe Digital Multimeter


    Features Has low reading capability of 1 milliamp! (0.001 A)Zippered carrying case and test leads included.Expanded DMM functions including: Frequency, Duty Cycleand CapacitanceOne touch automatice Zero function on DC amps.34 Test Ranges in all.Applications: Low Current: Parasitic Drains, FuelInjectors, Fuel Pumps, Primary Ignition Coils, Alternators,Voltage drops, Engine troubleshooting, Electrical Shorts,MAP sensors (w/frequency), All around electricaltroubleshootingTest…

  • CV CAL-VAN CV74 Amp Hound Voltage Drain Tester


    Features An All New Way to Measure Amps No need to remove a fuse which reduces the amount oftime to determine the current in the circuit. Finding parasitic drains can now be done withoutremoving a fuse or resetting the offending circuit. No more ? pull a fuse, check the meter, pull a fuse,check the meterInstead,…

  • CD CAN DO CDBESA12P Cando Plus Battery Tester


    Features The BAT Plus is compatible with all types of batteriesSLI(wet type) and AGM(flat/spiral)BAT Plus is compatible with all types of battery ratingsincluding CCA ,SAE ,DIN ,JIS# ,IEC ,EN ,and CA. Compatible with a wide variety of battery typesincluding CCA, SAE, DIN, JIS, IEC, EN and CA. It featureseasy to use operation with quick and…

  • BO BOSCH BO1699501320 BAT 120 Battery and Starter/Charger System Tester


    Features The BAT 120 is a wireless battery and starting/chargingsystem tester used with the Bosch ADS 325 and ADS 625diagnostic tools. The BAT 120 sends data directly to an app pre-installedon the Bosch ADS tools, saving time and putting more vehiclediagnostic information on the scan tool. The unit tests automotive batteries and creates healthreports. It…

  • BO BOSCH BOBAT155 BAT155 Heavy Duty Battery Tester


    Features The BAT 155 is an advanced heavy duty battery & electricalsystem tester designed for the commercial vehicle industry.Featuring patented single load, dynamic resistancetechnology that provides fast and accurate results. Tests 6V, 12V batteries from 100-6,000 Cold Cranking Amp(CCA) test capacity, including AGM, Gel Cell, floodedlead-acid, Start/Stop EFB and Commercial, SLI batteriesusing a micro-load test…