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Vermont Tool offers essential Torx Sets for automotive and electronics industries

If you are on the hunt for Torx sets for your vehicles or any electronic system, Vermont Tools Company is here for your successful hunt. Vermont Tool includes some of the prominent Torx set brands and quality Torx sets you can trust without any doubt.

Torx socket sets

We see different types of traditional screws used in vehicles, motorcycles, electronics, or computer systems. Some screws are slot head screws, cross head screws, star screws, or Torx screws. Torx screws are mostly used in tightening the specific component. Let's get to know about the Torx socket bit set that Vermont Tool offers.

Female Torx socket set: The female Torx set is generally designed to hold the new standard for socket sets. The female Torx socket set consists of solid resistance and high-quality carbon steel or plastic. The ease of carrying includes a wide range of appliances. The high-quality metal material makes it to use for longer periods of time.

Usage for mostly in machine tools, automobiles, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

E-Torx socket set: E-Torx socket sets or external Torx socket sets are known for their durability and serviceability. Every socket is made of withstanding high force for impact drivers and coated to resist rust. Torx external socket sets are designed to easily replace or remove TORX fasteners in motorcycles and other vehicles.

Usage for different vehicles, hand ratchets, or breaker bars.

Hex and Torx socket set: Hex sockets are the most common type of socket. There are two types of hex socket points: hex 6 points and bi-hex 12 points. Hex sockets consist of a square drive connector at the top and the other end; it consists of a hexagonal or bi-hexagonal recessed head.

Usage for attach the Torx to ratchet or turn the fasteners, such as nuts and bolts.

Torx impact socket set: Impact sockets are structured to avoid deforming or damaging the tools. These sockets are made of chrome steel molybdenum with ductile material. The materials include additional elasticity to the socket, and it tends to bend or get bigger, but it never breaks or shatters at any point.

Usage for Impact sockets are mainly used with powered impact wrenches, and impact sockets are designed to bear the vibration of the impact wrench.

Torx bit sets

Torx security sets are tamper-resistant screws or security screws. These screws provide you achieving higher torque. Find out more Torx bit sets in the following.

Impact Torx bit set: The impact Torx bit set is constructed with chrome molybdenum steel that provides a more robust, rock solid, and zero twisting possibility to the bit set. Impact extra-long Torx bit socket set includes sturdy construction and a solid build to provide you with the optimum service.

Tamperproof torx bit set: The tamperproof Torx bit set is a set of Torx bits that cannot be easily changed. Temper-proof screws are mainly inserted so that they can't be changed easily.

1/4 hex Torx bit set: A 1/4-inch hex Torx bit set is made of heat-treated S2 steel for a hardened bit with the tolerances for an exact fit with fasteners. The careful process of hex Torx bit is pressed into the socket for permanent connection.

1/4 impact Torx bit set: 1/4-inch impact Torx bit set includes having excess stress removed from the bit's tip and released into the shaft to provide more pressure. It allows the impact driver bit to have larger torsional strength than a regular drill bit.

3 8 drive Torx bit set: The 3/8-inch Torx bit set is the heat-treated socket to provide enough torque strength, and the sturdy construction makes your work more efficient.

1 2 drive Torx bit set: The 1/2-inch drive Torx bit impact socket provides the user to use the ratchet or driver on Torx fasteners. Also, the drive Torx bit also provides the maximum torque with rock solid or distortion of the bit head.

Do Torx bits come in metric sizes?
Yes, the Torx bit comes in metric sizes and, using the capital letter 'T,' ranges from T1 to T100.

How many points does a Torx bit have?
The Torx bit has a 6-point star-shaped Torx bit.

How many sizes of Torx bits are there?
There are mainly five sizes of Torx bits, such as AW10, AW20, AW25, AW30, and AW40

Is a star bit the same as a Torx bit?
Yes, start bits, or Torx bits, are screwdriver bits that include 6-point instead of flat sides.

Is a triple square bit the same as a Torx?
Known as XZN, triple square bits are used with tamperproof lug nuts, cylinder head bolts, and different other engine bolts.

Vermont Tool Company is a trusted source for your Torx set purchase. As Vermont tool holds different designs and types of quality Torx socket bit sets, you can choose Vermont tool to buy the best Torx bit socket set at a low cost.