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  • SM STECK SM21730 Plastic Easy Pry Tool


    Features Removal of bezels, moldings and dash emblems, interiordoor panels, plastic trim along with removal andinstallation of weather striping without scratching paintedsurfaces. Non-marring wedge design with 1? blade with curved clipend allows for easy access and removal of plastic bezels

  • MH MAYHEW TOOL MH50301 Safety Hand Chisel Holder


    Features Reduces impact shock and vibrations that travel through tool Added element of safety for operator, reducing the riskof accidents Non Marring Nylon contact point up to 1? (25.4mm)diameter Great for use in tight spaces 4 sided handle prevents roll away Black oxide finish for additional rust protection

  • MH MAYHEW TOOL MH17359 Spring Action Wood Chisel Tool


    Features Spring powered tools deliver up to 3500lbs of strikingforce> Designed for wood and metal application. Used to mark, cut, start and set all without the use ofa hammer. Work with precision and accuracy: place tool on worksurface and pull back spring and release, avoiding thechance of mis-hits and glancing blows.

  • LS LISLE LS51900 Spot Weld Wide Face Impact Hand Chisel


    Features Separates Spot Welded Panels.Use to separate panels after the spot weld has been drilledout. Drive the blade with a hammer from the end or thesidethrough the panel seam. Panels are separated withoutdamage.The blade is sharpened on three sides, and offset forclearance. NOTE: The sharpened edges will wear withuse.Resharpen on a grinding wheel.