• MY MITYVAC MY822599 Hose & Stopper Set For Fluid Evacuators


    Product Detail Manufacturer: Features MY MITYVAC Item Number: Features MY822599 Description: Features Hose & Stopper Set For Fluid   Features Evacuators <!–TR> Selling U/M: Features EA </TR–> Weight: Features 0.6500 Price: Features $56.35 Available: Features In Stock Comments: Features Please contact your local Mobile Tool Truck, Auto Parts storeor Tool Supplier for availability and pricing….

  • PM PERFORMANCE TOOL PMW54170 12V Oil Extraction Pump


    Features Portable, compact, lightweight and easy to use Efficiently remove up to 3 quarts per minute. Easily removes oil from cars, motorcycles, RV’s, boatsand so much more. Self priming 12v 5 amp DC pump Approx. speed 1400 RPM Includes: Pump, hose clamps and detailed instructions. 47″ x 0.16″h dia. inlet hose. 59″x 0.47″ dia. outlethose.

  • PL PLEWS PL30118 Suction Oil Gun


    Features Suction Grease GunDesigned for draining and filling non-corrosive liquids.Barrel holds approximately one pint with 9″ stroke. Features12″ plastic hose and durable corrosion resistant finish.

  • NN 9 CIRCLE TOOLS NN62704 Fluid Collector Funnel System


    Features Collects residual fluid in used bottles. Includes two 2-liter empty bottles

  • MY MITYVAC MY822563 Valve Kit For My7201



  • MY MITYVAC MY7400 Multi Use Fluid Evacuator 7.3 Liter Capacity


    Features Now with increased capacity! – 7.3 Liter (1.9 gallon)fluid reservior.ff prevents overfill. Stronger resevoir – Redesigned with stiffening ribs foradded durability. Redesigned pump handle – Strengthened for longer toollife. Greater stability – Larger base for reduced change oftipping and spills. Ability to evacuate most automotive liquids andchemicals, including transmission fluid, brake fluid, gearand engine…

  • MY MITYVAC MY7300 Air Operated Pneumatic Oil Vac 2.3 Gallon Capacity


    Features Air Operated Oil Vac 8.8 Liter (2.3 gallon) capacity air operated fluidevacuator, can be used to extract a wide-range of fluidtypesEngine oil from crankcasesBrake fluid from master cylinders and most hydraulic brakesystems Gear oil from transmission cases Coolant from cooling systems Power steering fluid from pump reservoirs

  • MY MITYVAC MYMVA6851 Fluid Extractor


    Features Quick extraction or dispensing of small volumes of fluidfrom or to reservoirs Simple syringe-type action extracts or dispenses fluidquickly and cleanly Compact, streamlined design allows access into tightspaces Ideal for evacuating or topping off master cylinders andother small reservoirs Easy to clean; hose and seals are simple to replace Includes 7 oz. (200 cc)…

  • LS LISLE LS38750 No-Splash Pad 15″ Diameter


    Features 15″ Diameter Pad Protects Floors & Work Area from MessyOil Splatter.Insert 15″ diameter pad in funnel or oil pan before oilchange to eliminate oil splatter. Porous material allowsfluid to quickly pass through into funnel or pan. Padmaterial resists engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant,brake fluid, brake cleaner, gear oil and other solvents. 15″fits all standard…

  • LN LINCOLN LN3639 25-gallon Used Fluid Combo Drain/Evacuator


    Features Collection of used fluids including motor oil, transmissionfluid, and coolant from under lift-mountedvehicles or by evacuation directly from fluid reservoirs orthrough dipstick tubes. 25-gallon welded steel tank supported by heavy-duty 4?swivel casters and 6? fixed-axle wheels Powerful compressed-air operated venturi vacuum quicklydraws fluids from reservoirs Includes six evacuation wands of varying flexibility,diameter and length…

  • LN LINCOLN LN3637 25-gallon Used Fluid Evacuator


    Features Evacuation of automotive fluid reservoirs including motoroil and transmission fluid directly throughthe dipstick tube 25-gallon (95-liter) welded steel tank supported byheavy-duty 4 (100 mm) ? swivel casters and 6?(150 mm) fixed-axle wheels Powerful compressed-air-operated venturi vacuum quicklydraws fluids from reservoirs Includes six evacuation wands of varying flexibility,diameter and length Pressurized self-evacuation feature requires onlyshopair…

  • LN LINCOLN LN3601 18 Gallon Pressurized Oil Evac System


    Features Designed to provide an affordable option to draining,transferring and evacuating used oil quickly andsafely All-steel design includes reinforced castersupports for durability and dependability. 18-gallon tank includes a preset airregulator that allows the use of standardshop air up to 150 psi. 14-inch telescoping bowl with a heightadjustment range of 45 to 72 inches. Reinforced dispensing…

  • IN AFF IN8878 Low Profile Economy Truck Drain with Pump


    Features Ideal for oil draining trucks where a pit or hoist is notavailableLarge 18 Gallon baffled tank captures oil and transportswith ease Large metal screen Convenient rotary hand pump facilitates easy evacuationto large oil tanks Long steel handle eases moving and positioning of drain Package dimensions: 45?x25?x8?

  • CM CTA MANUFACTURING CM6510 4 Gallon Fluid Extractor Tank


    Features The 15 Liter Fluid Extractor system is hand orair-operated for fast extraction of fluids Two different diameter extracting tubes are included tosuit your particular application Both extraction tubes measure 3.5 ft. in Length but with2 different O.D. measurements Large Hose Diameter: 6.75mm & Small Hose Diameter: 6.0mm Unit has a vacuum release button for…

  • AL LISLE PLASTICS AL19722 Plastic Drip Pan 24X36 X 1/2D


    Features Made of durable polyethylene material to assure longevityand flexibility. Holds 8 quarts. Dimensions are 24″ x 36″ x1 1/2″ Deep

  • AL LISLE PLASTICS AL19202 Truck Drain with Lid


    Features Use this Heavy-Duty, Low Profile Truck Drain for LargeCapacity Crank Cases or Radiator Systems. The drain holds 60 quarts and is equipped with fourrollers and a handle for transport and easy positioningunder trucks. Cover and curved side design help keep oil from spillingduring movement. Convenient handles and pour spout facilitate oilevacuation. The new design…

  • AL LISLE PLASTICS AL17922 30 Quart Multi Drain Tub


    Features 30 quart heavy-duty, plastic drain tub.

  • AL LISLE PLASTICS AL17432 18 Gallon Oil Drain


    Features 18 Gallon Oil Lift Drain Quick Release Height Adjustment.Translucent jug holds 18 gallons and will not warp with hotoil. Rolls easily with four heavy-duty 2 1/2″ wheels. Metaltubes extend working area from 36 1/2″ to 77″. Drains fromthe bottom with a spigot.

  • AL LISLE PLASTICS AL11102 8 Gallon Oil Lift Drain on Wheels


    Features 8 Gallon Oil Lift Drain Quick Release Height Adjustment.This specially shaped, translucent jug holds 8 gallons.Reinforced base will not warp with hot oil. Has a wideworking range from 36 1/2″ to 74″. Its lower center ofgravity increases stability.