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Vermont Tools Company: The Best Store to Buy Drill Bit Set Online

Looking for the best place to buy drill bits? Here’s your solution to all kinds of drill bit sets. Drill bits come in different sizes and shapes. So, you need to pick the precise one to do the seamless drilling process. As there are many types and shapes, you might get confused about which one to choose.

Our Vermont Tools blog will briefly explain everything so that you make the most reliable choice. Check out.

Vermont Tools Company Offer Specialty Drill Bits for Professionals

While it’s quite a complex task to judge the quality bits, Vermont tools let you buy specialty drill bits from our extensive collection. Let’s find out the best drill bits varieties in the following.

Metalworking drill bit sets

If you are looking for drill bits for metal work, our standard HSS drill bits are the best choices for metalworking. HSS defines high-speed steel. You can use these drill bits for stainless steel as well.

But what HSS drill bits are made of, and how does it work?

  • These drill bits are heat resistant
  • These drill bits can be used at faster speeds
  • They are durable and made for long-term usage
  • HSS drill bits are perfect for hardwood and metal

Usage: Use these bits to drill into materials quickly and effectively

Masonry drill bit sets

Masonry drill bits are the perfect choice for drilling tough materials. This strong and is made of tungsten carbide elements drill bits are durable and harder wearing.

  • These drill bits are available in a range of styles and sizes
  • Robust and durable material to drill through tough materials like masonry

Usage: Masonry drill bits for concrete, brick, or limestone are the most used. Operate the bit for lower speed to get maximum results.

Aluminum drill bit sets

Aluminum drill bits are soft metal with a low melting point of 660 degrees C. As aluminum contains low melting points, you must reduce heat when drilling. Aluminum will stick to the drill bit if you don’t operate at the optimum temperature with care.

So, choose the appropriate drill bit, reduce pressure, and use lubricant for safety. Try our aluminum drill bit sets for maximum results.

Drill bits for woodworking

Drill bits for woodworking are the most common usage of drill bits. There are a few types of woodworking drill bits.

Twist Drill Bits: Used in drilling small and simple holes
Spade Bits: Also called Flat bits, they are used to make large and rough holes
Auger bits: These drill bits are the right choice for making large holes in timber

Use our woodworking drill bits for your project.

Drill bit for glass cutting

As glasses are prone to break easily, you need to find the precise drill bit that can easily cut the glasses. The two types of glass cutting drill bits are-

Spear-tipped Tungsten carbide drill bit for glass: used for ceramic and tiles
Diamond-tipped drill bits: used for cutting holes through windows or mirror

Drill bits for drilling ceramic tile

Standard twist drill bits won’t work for ceramic tiles. You need a carbide-tipped masonry bit for the ceramic tile drilling.

Common questions of drill bits

Q: Are drill bits universal?

Ans: Not all drill bits are universal, but universal drill bits are expensive and used to drill ceramic, wood, stone, metal, plastic, concrete, and more!

Q: What are drill bits made of?

Ans: Usually, drill bits are made of HSS or Cobalt HSS. Depending on drill bit variety, the coating contains titanium, black oxide, zirconium, and diamond dust.

Q: Who makes the best drill bits?

Ans: Irwin, Milwaukee, and Dewalt are some of the best names in drill bits manufacturing.

Q: What does a metal drill bit look like?

Ans: They are usually black-colored and made from tungsten carbide, cobalt, or titanium.

Q: Is a 5/8 drill bit bigger than ½?

Ans: While ½ inch drill bit makes the hole of 0.5 inches, 5/8 inches drill bit makes 0.625 inches hole. So, 5/8 inch drill bits are bigger.

Q: What size drill bit for 3/8 tap?

Ans: 3/8 tap requires 37/64-inch drill bit

Q: What size drill bit for 8 screws?

Ans: 8 screw size requires 11/64 inch tapered to make pilot hole drill bits for wood, while 5/32 inch is required for softwood.

Q: What kind of drill bit for tile?

Ans: Carbide bit or diamond-tipped drill bits are good for tile.

Q: What drill bit is best for metalworking?

Ans: For metalworking, titanium and HSS drill bits are the best.

Q: What size drill bit for drywall anchor?

Ans: Drywall anchors require ½ inch drill bit.