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About Us:

VTC is a Single Member LLC founded in Nov 2017. We became a real business in December 2018. 

  Supplying a wide range of products we strive hard to beat online pricing to always provide a Discount. From toolboxes to Tools. Seat Covers to Consignments. Stay tuned for new updates every week. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


 We are always looking for the next big thing. If it collectable, vintage, or just plain cool we sell it. We sell only products I've used personally. Each Product is of the most high quality, to ensure customer satisfaction. 

 I'm Alex, I've always had a dream to own a small business. I'll never forget the one class in high school called Business Development. I wrote a complete business plan for a wood shop I wanted to call "Woody The WoodShop".  This caught my young mind and molded my decision making later on in life.

 We welcome more years to come in the e-commerce community and market. We welcome all to follow us and ask us how we can help you. VTC is always open to business ideas and collaborations.  We welcome smart minds. We have a dream to turn a small business into a big business! 

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