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DV DEVILBISS DV130500 Desiccant Air Dryer System CT-30 – Your Comprehensive Air Treatment Solution


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Your Comprehensive Air Treatment Solution

Ensure dry, clean compressed air with the Desiccant Air Dryer System CT-30. This complete treatment center removes water vapor, oil aerosols, and solid particles, delivering exceptional air quality. Explore a reliable solution for your compressed air needs! This complete compressed air treatment center sets a new standard in air quality, ensuring that your air tools and processes run smoothly.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Air Treatment: The DV130500 is more than just a desiccant air dryer; it’s a complete treatment center. It effectively removes water vapor from the compressed air, taking it down to an impressive dew point of -40?F. Say goodbye to moisture-related issues in your compressed air.
  2. Quick Change Desiccant Cartridge: Enjoy the convenience of a quick-change 10 lb. desiccant cartridge bag. Crafted from a special fiber media, it excels in removing oil aerosols and solid particles, all the way down to .01 microns. This means no need for additional coalescing or final filters.
  3. Replacement Cartridge Available: The DV130504 Quick Change Desiccant Cartridge (sold separately) is designed for easy replacement. When it’s time for a change, you can effortlessly maintain the exceptional air quality this system provides.

The DV DV130500 is your partner in achieving the air quality you need for various applications. Whether you’re in the automotive industry, manufacturing, or any field that relies on compressed air, this system is a reliable and essential component of your setup.

No more worries about moisture-related damage or compromised air quality. With the CT-30, you’re in control of your compressed air, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of cleanliness and dryness.


Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 23.7 × 10 × 12.5 cm
Item Weight (Kg)











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