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RA ROBINAIR RAAC1234-4 Premier R-1234yf Recover Recycle and Recharge Machine


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Elevate your A/C service with the RA ROBINAIR RAAC1234-4 R-1234yf Recovery Machine. Fully automatic and exceeding industry standards, it’s the answer to efficient A/C service. Learn more!


Introducing the RA ROBINAIR RAAC1234-4 R-1234yf Recovery Machine, your all-in-one solution for advanced A/C service. This fully automatic machine sets new standards for 1234yf recovery, making your work more efficient and precise.

Key Features:

  1. Automated Excellence: The AC1234-4 is a fully automatic ACS machine, which means you can program it for service, step away, and return when the job is done. It streamlines A/C service for better efficiency.
  2. High Recovery Efficiency: Achieve an impressive 98.5% recovery efficiency, ensuring that you capture the maximum amount of refrigerant from the vehicle’s A/C system.
  3. Charge Accuracy: This machine offers charge accuracy within +/- ? oz., guaranteeing precise recharging without over or undercharging.
  4. Automatic Internal Tank Refill: Forget about manual tank refills during or before service. The machine handles this automatically, saving you time and effort.
  5. Oil Drain Indicator: The automatic oil drain feature displays the amount of oil removed from the system during service, providing essential feedback for system maintenance.
  6. Refrigerant Identifier: This machine includes an integrated refrigerant identifier, which samples the refrigerant in the vehicle’s A/C system before recovery, ensuring the correct refrigerant is used.
  7. Programmable Vacuum Operation: Achieve the necessary vacuum level quickly in any condition with programmable vacuum operation.
  8. System Leak Test: Detect gross leaks in a system with the system leak test feature, ensuring efficient A/C system operation.
  9. Color Graphical Display: The 4.3-inch color graphical display offers a clear and user-friendly interface for easy operation.
  10. Industry Standards: The AC1234-4 exceeds SAE J2843 and meets SAE J2927 requirements for R-1234yf recovery, recycle, and recharge equipment, including an integrated refrigerant identifier.

The RA ROBINAIR RAAC1234-4 R-1234yf Recovery Machine is your trusted partner for advanced A/C service. It’s highly accurate, fully automatic, and designed to save you time and deliver the best results. With this machine, you can confidently service both standard and high-voltage vehicle A/C systems.

Elevate your automotive service game with the RA ROBINAIR RAAC1234-4 R-1234yf Recovery Machine. It’s time to meet and exceed industry standards for A/C service efficiency and accuracy.

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Weight 204 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 49 cm
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