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Milwaukee MWK3697-22 M18 Drill and Hex Impact Combo Kit + Free M18 Inflator


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Elevate your toolbox with the Milwaukee MWK3697-22 M18 Drill and Hex Impact Combo Kit. This comprehensive kit includes a powerful drill, hex impact driver, and a bonus M18 inflator. Get ready to tackle your projects with precision and inflate effortlessly. The power is in your hands.

If you’re in search of the ultimate combo kit that empowers you with both precision and versatility, look no further than the Milwaukee MWK3697-22 M18 Drill and Hex Impact Combo Kit. This kit isn’t just about tools; it’s about giving you the power to tackle your projects efficiently and effectively.

Key Features:

  1. M18 Drill: The kit includes a high-performance M18 drill that is built to handle the toughest tasks. With this drill in hand, you can effortlessly drill holes and drive screws with precision and speed.
  2. Hex Impact Driver: The hex impact driver delivers powerful torque, making it perfect for tasks that require both finesse and force. It’s the tool to turn to when you need to drive fasteners into a variety of materials.
  3. Bonus M18 Inflator: As a special bonus, the Milwaukee MWK3697-22 Combo Kit includes the M18 inflator. This handy tool lets you inflate tires, sports equipment, and more with ease. It’s a versatile addition to your toolkit.
  4. Cordless Convenience: All tools in this kit are cordless, ensuring that you have the freedom to work without being tethered to an outlet. This means you can take your tools anywhere the job requires.
  5. Precision and Power: With both the drill and impact driver, you have the tools to handle delicate tasks that require precision, as well as heavy-duty jobs that demand power.
  6. Efficient Design: Milwaukee tools are known for their durability and efficiency. You can count on these tools to perform consistently and withstand the rigors of your projects.
  7. Battery Compatibility: The M18 battery platform ensures compatibility between the tools in this kit, providing seamless interchangeability.

The Milwaukee MWK3697-22 M18 Drill and Hex Impact Combo Kit with the included M18 inflator offers a complete solution for your drilling, driving, and inflation needs. It’s the kit that combines precision and power, ensuring that you have the right tool for any task.

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this combo kit is your pathway to efficiency and versatility. Elevate your toolbox and experience the freedom of cordless power. The power is in your hands, and the precision is at your fingertips.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 9 cm
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