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RA ROBINAIR RAAC1234-9 Connected R-1234YF ACS Machine


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  • The Robinair AC1234-9 Connected R-1234YF ACS Machinerecovers, recycles, evacuates, leak-tests and rechargesR-1234yf with improved 98.5% efficiency ? unmatched by anycompetitor. The new design features a large 10″ capacitivetouch LCD display, and automated features includingautomatic internal refrigerant refill, oil drain andrefrigerant identification.
  • Boasts full wireless capabilities for Wi-Fi orBluetooth? communication, which enables automatic machinesoftware updates and capacities database downloads. UseGoogle Cloud printing to print A/C service summary reportsfor customers or insurance companies. The Android operatingsystem can also export service reports to store or sharedigitally.
  • The Wi-Fi-capable machine also effectively manages andstores machine metrics and data related to servicesperformed with the ACS machine to include in vehicle servicereports.
  • New 10″ capacitive LCD touch screen and intuitive userinterface makes navigation much easier and beginning servicequicker
  • Incorporated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologyenable many new features and capabilities making this themost advanced A/C RRR machine on the market today
  • Automatic updates ensure your machine always has themost current software, as well as access to new features andcapabilities as they become available
  • Service data management and machine metrics can beretained and stored allowing for proactive servicereminders, refrigerant use tracking and reporting, orrecalling prior vehicle services performed by the ACSmachine
  • Integrated Refrigerant Identifier saves time on servicesand protects your ACS machine and internal refrigerantsource from harmful contamination
  • Fully-automatic function allows user to program torecover, vacuum, leak test and charge without operatingpanel valves, or run functions independently as specificservice functions are needed
  • Automatic Oil Drain: Oil recovered is automaticallyseparated and drained showing the amount of oil to replace
  • Automatic Refrigerant Refill maintains a user-selectedamount of refrigerant in the internal vessel and signalswhen it?s time to change new supply tank, no monitoring ofrefrigerant level is required
  • Network printing capability allows technician to print adetailed services provided report for the customer
  • Utilize Robinair Bluetooth accessory devices for furtheroptimization of A/C service, enabling automation and datagathering during service to accurately diagnosis and servicethe vehicle
  • Operating Temperature Range | 32? – 120?F (0?-50?C)
  • Recovery Performance | 32? – 120?F (0?-50?C)
  • Charge Performance | +/- 0.5 oz at 70? to 75? F (+/- 15gat 21? to 24? C)
  • Voltage | 125 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Display | 10″ capacitive touch LCD display
  • Filter-Drier Capacity | 330 lb (150 kg), spin-on type
  • Hose Length | 9 ft (2.75 m)
  • Compressor | 3/8 hp, pressure protected, oiled,hermetically sealed
  • Vacuum Pump | 1.5 cfm Dual Stage, 29.9 InHg
  • Internal Cylinder | 30 lb. DOT
  • Languages | English, French, Spanish
  • Certifications | SAE J2843, UL 1963

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Weight 207 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 49 cm
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RA Robinair


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