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  • SF SHEFFIELD SFTA100 Smart-Tach Plus


    Features Rugged construction with protective holster and flexibleantenna Wide measuring range: 200 to 19,999 RPM Wide distance from the antenna to ignition systemmeasuring range for tachometer function Quick and easy selection of No. of cycles and No. ofcylinders Displays maximum and minimum readings in real time Quick response: < 0.3 seconds Large LCD display with…

  • SF SHEFFIELD SFTA500 Multisystem Engine Analyzer


    Features The TA500’s unique and proprietary technology allows theuser to perform quick and reliable diagnostics ofnon-starts, misfires, fouled up or damaged spark plugsand/or spark plug wires, by comparing digital read-outs ofthe spark plug voltage and spark burn time between cylinderson engines using Coil on Plug, Coil near Plug, conventionaldistributor/ignition coil, DIS (Distributor-less) or wastespark and…

  • SF SHEFFIELD SFST05 Oxygen Sensor Tester Simulator


    Features This high-tech, user friendly Oxygen Sensor Tester/Simulatormodel ST05 from General Technologies Corp/Sheffield Researchsports a simple interface to perform diagnostic tests andmeasurements on any Oxygen Sensor and to quickly determinewhether or not an Oxygen Sensor is actually defective and inneed of replacement. It is designed to be used both, as astand alone tool or as…

  • SF SHEFFIELD SFGTC605 Fuel Injection Analyzer


    Features Handheld instrument for quick diagnosis and performancemeasurement of fuel injectors. Works with solenoid, piezoelectric, and mechanical fuelinjectors used in diesel, gasoline, and liquid natural gasengines. With the GTC605 there is no need to remove the fuelinjector from the engine, back-probe connectors, or probewires. The GTC605?s three-channel sensor when placed on a fuelinjector, can measure…

  • SF SHEFFIELD SFGTC505 Engine Ignition Analyzer


    Features Display waveforms in real time. Detect and display dwell angle (in high voltagesparkplug-wire systems), and ramp time (for COP systems). Graph burn time, spark plug voltage, dwell/ramp time,and RPM for each spark, allowing for detection of misfires. Compare readings between cylinders with a “candlestick”graph that displays maximum, minimum, and average readingsfor each cylinder. Display…

  • SF SHEFFIELD SFGTC063 ATC/ATO Mini Low Profile Mini Maxi Fuse Socket