Where to buy new Gearwrench tools? Happily warranty them from a #1 supplier


Gear wrench is the biggest power-tool manufacturer in the world. This brand is a subdivision of Apex Tool group. In the US, from professional mechanics to general users, everybody loves this company’s products.

Looking for tools, but don’t know where to buy them?

Well, cheer up. I am here to clear up all the queries you have about them including its brand identity, manufacturer description, and the key factors that make this tool brand the most trusted among trade.

In addition, You will also know the 10 most popular Gear wrench tools and the best places where you can buy this tool. Finally, I will inform you of the best retailers in the US for purchasing tools.

Is Gearwrench a good brand?

You will find lots of tool-producing companies in the US such as Gear wrench, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Craftsman, Makita, and so on. All of them are popular for their good production and quality as well as they are highly competitors of each other.

But if you want to choose the best one among them, Gearwrench will be then the perfect brand for you. Because this brand is always conscious of consumers’ needs and choices.

It manufactured and delivered some professional tools that have no competition in the market. Especially, Gear wrench is the best for making ratcheting wrench, torque wrench, screwdriver, bolt biter, trap mat, creeper, mechanics toolset, tap and die set, and so on.

These tools precisely touched the consumers’ hearts and amazed them. Because they are very strong and easy-handled. You will find no issue with its security and durability. It always maintains long-term warranty processes. So there is no question about Geawrench’s widespread brand fame.

Are Gearwrench tools worth buying?

Gearwrench tools are well-demanded in the entire world. Most of the customers are pleased with this brand’s products. They are always attracted to buying Gearwrench tools for the next time. You can find some coherent reasons that Gearwrench tools are worth buying.

Product Quality: Gearwrench always tries to maintain its tool quality because it feels the consumer’s needs and demands. Each type of Gearwrench tool provides long-lasting usage and is easy to operate. You can move them effortlessly anywhere you want.

Affordable Price: From the first time, Gearwrench has thought about customers’ purchase ability. That’s why it provides all the products at low prices. This brand focuses on earning profits through huge purchases, not huge prices. Compared to other companies, you will find Greawrench tools more affordable.

Long-term Warranty: Geawrench tools are famous for their long-term warranty. You will get a pleasant warranty policy on every product. From 2 years to a lifetime, it provides different warranties for different products. It makes you use their products tension-free.

You can find more reasons for Gearwrench tools worth buying, such as its discount offer, shipping process, and more.

Who makes Gearwrench tools- Gearwrench company overview

Gearwrench is a massive tool manufacturing company in the world. It was established in 1996. It is a subdivision of Apex Tool Group, which mainly produces and supplies Gearwrench tools.

Gearwrench makes lots of products such as hand tools, power tools, aircraft, automobiles, and tools for other businesses. From the very beginning, this company promotes trouble-free availability.

Geawrench gained worldwide popularity and trustworthiness for its product quality, affordable price, and longevity. It contains well demands in North America, including in the USA for its quality production.

Where are Gearwrench tools manufactured?

Gearwrench tools are initially produced in Taiwan. Because it is a supplementary company of Apex Group, which belongs to Taiwan. However, Gearwrench currently began manufacturing tools in China.

You might worry that products manufactured in China and Taiwan would not maintain quality and longevity. But in reality, Gearwrench product quality will quietly remove your worries. They manufacture tools in Taiwan just for affordable manpower there.

At present, Gearwrench has been manufacturing its tools in more than 20 factories around the world. These factories are located in the different lands of Europe, South and North America, Oceania, and Asia.

Are Gearwrench tools made in the USA?

Gearwrench tools are not made in the USA. They are mostly made in China and Taiwan. But the USA contains Gearwrench headquarters. Most of the research and study of Gearwrench is conducted in the United States.

Moreover, the USA is the biggest market for Gearwrench tools. A huge number of people mostly use this brand’s tools in everyday life.

Key factors of Gearwrench tools that make most trusted power tool brand on the market

Gearwrench is the most popular brand in the world. You will find lots of factors that made this company the most trusted power tool brand among all kinds of tool users.

Feel for consumers: Gearwrench is a premier tool manufacturing brand. It always understands consumers’ problems and tries to solve them. That’s why it provides the products designed and made according to customers’ needs and requirements.

High-quality Product: Gearwrench always manufactures high-quality products. Its tools are sturdy and long-lived. You could not find any issue with that. This trustworthy brand product will fasten your work and create extraordinary strength and power.

Worth the Money: Gearwrench offers its products at affordable costs maintaining quality and stability. Your money would be well utilized when you purchase Geawrench tools. Because its product usage will make you satisfied. Moreover, compared to the other companies, its price policy is user-friendly. It mostly helps you save money.

Tool’s Flexibility: Gearwrench manufactures tools thinking customers’ easy usage. You can easily flex and move them in compliance with your needs. That’s why professional mechanics put Gearench tools as their priority.

Tool’s Durability: Not only are they easy to use, Gearwrench tools, but they also maintain long stability. You can peacefully use each type of Gearwrench tool for a long time. Because maximum tools of this brand provide a lifetime warranty. It is indeed the most delightful choice for customers.

Besides the above-mentioned factors, more reasons make Gearwrench tools the most reliable brand on the market.

Top 10 most popular Gearwrench tools for professional mechanic

Gearwrench manufactures thousands of effective tools. Here I am mentioning 10 Gearwrench tools that are the most popular among professional mechanics.

Gearwrench ratcheting wrench set

gearwrench ratcheting wrench set

Gearwrench ratcheting wrench set is a well-linked toolset among professional mechanics. It contains some combination and flex-head ratcheting wrench sets. Gearwrench 90T wrench set is a most demanded category of this toolset.

This type of tool is more flexible and functional. It has dual-direction off-corner loading, which lessens fastener rounding. You can utilize this item in various works according to your needs.

Gearwrench torque wrench

gearwrench torque wrench

Gearwrench Torque wrench is another popular product set among professional mechanics. It includes some categories like beam torque, electronic torque, and interchangeable torque. Moreover, these items also belong to various teeth from 22 to 120.

This toolset always provides high performance. Its stability and flexibility are accurate and sturdy. Professionals feel happier using it. You can choose this item for your business.

Tap and Die set

gearwrench tap and die set

Tap and die set contains two ratcheting T-handles, 3 sized tap adapter, and 2 sized die adapter. This feature also includes some pleasant facilities. Its auto-locking system helps you to remove the tap adapters easily.

Its drive extension adapter gives big access in narrow and tight areas. People feel comforted when they utilize this tool in their jobs.

Full Mechanics toolset

gearwrench mechanics toolset

Mechanics toolset contains both types of 6 points and 12-point toolsets in 3 drawer storage boxes. Gearwrench mechanics toolset is useful for professionals to extend energy, access, and productivity.

Professional mechanics are fond of this toolset. Its off-corner loading design helps them to improve durability and reduce fastener rounding.

Bolt biter

Bolt Biter includes some stunning features that make it more required among people. It contains a bi-directional design that tightens damaged fasteners. Also, it has dual-sized sockets. It works with both SAE and metric fastener.

It has a square drive including a hex base. It is useful for an impact gun, ratchet, and wrench. You can earn huge benefits to use it.

Impact socket set

Gearwrench impact socket set contains blow mold case for making storage and organizing functions. This socket is made of chrome molybdenum alloy to create extraordinary strength and stability.

Like many other toolsets, it also has an off-corner loading process for declining fastener rounding. Its apparent laser-etched marking facility gives faster size detection.

Screwdriver set

The screwdriver set is mainly made for fitting workers’ hands during the job. Its trio lobe handles shape gives a great performance with less effort. Its tips also contain black oxide.

Moreover, it provides lifetime services, including some extra features. This toolset is more popular among professionals and general people.

Gearwrench plier set

Gearwrench plier set is made from alloy steel. It provides great strength and longevity to use. It contains a dual material grip for easy cleaning up. This piler set is mainly designed for great comfort in constant work.

People use this toolset for cutting, gripping, and bending wire and cable for home and professional work.

Trap mat

Trap mat is famous for its customized storage system. Its universal cone design will fit any tool shape. Also, its foam is strong and stable. People mostly use it during travel. Because it holds their tools in places perfectly.

Moreover, it includes some categories which will fit deep or smaller drawers. You can put them on your choices for various jobs.

Shop Creeper

The famous Creeper contains six 3-inch TPC ball-bearing casters, which decline vibration. Its sturdy EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) padding provides extraordinary comfort with less thickness for low-clearance overhead work.

Professional mechanics choose this creeper for numerous purposes. It will be helpful to utilize for home, industry, and vehicle.

Vermont Tool Company – The best Gearwrench tools retailer in the USA

A huge number of tools retailers exist both online and offline. But the development of e-commerce increased the demands of online retailers. Because it helps people to purchase any products while staying home.

There are lots of e-commerce business companies that sell Gearwrench tools. From Amazon, eBay to Homedepot, and Toolbarn, you will find each of them selling at different pricing points.

But if you ask about the best place where you can buy tools. Then I will recommend Vermont Tool Company, especially for the people of the US. In the next, I will discuss why this company is best for you.

Vermont Tool Company is famous in the USA for its methodical e-commerce business. It is a deep-rooted company in the automotive and tool sector. From the very beginning, Vermont Tool Company started retailing deals with Gearwrench Tools.

When you need the best choice and quality, GEARWRENCH has all your tooling needs covered. From torque wrenches and sockets to tool storage and even specialty tools, Gearwrench kits can help you better prepare for every task on your next project.

Vermont Tool Company proudly offers GEARWRENCH tools for every mechanic and handyman, with a lifetime warranty on most products.

This company always maintains a good shipping process and various payment methods considering customers’ benefits. That’s why it is one of the best Gearwrench retailers in the USA.

Diversity and choice for every job with GEARWRENCH

Whether you need GEARWRENCH hand tools or power tools, we have a variety of options. GEARWRENCH air tools handle tougher jobs in no time and provide the perfect machine tool for car enthusiasts and mechanics. Pliers sets and even screwdriver sets give you just the tools you need to tackle small and large projects at home or on the job site.

Choose a new ratchet set or ratchet combination wrench set to keep bolts strong and easy to remove. A selection of cordless drills will make it easy to work on tight spaces and in tough conditions with minimal effort and no strain on your back or shoulder muscles!

With over thousands of parts, the Gearwrench category is sure to have the right part for your next project! GearWrench® brand parts are designed to fit specifically into a particular line of products so that you get maximum functionality and durability without needing to buy multiple brands of parts and fasteners!

From our exclusive “one-size-fits-all” fittings to the most popular types of screws, nuts, washers, and more, there’s something for everyone! When you shop with us, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting quality parts at great prices from one of the industry leaders.

Vermont Tool Company is the perfect place to buy a new toolset for home and work. GEARWRENCH kits are designed with durable fasteners for precise storage for easy portability and storage. The quality of our Gearwrench tools, coupled with their affordability make them a great choice for any tradesman who needs quality at an affordable price!

Shop by Brand or Price The Vermont Tool Company has become one of the most popular brands in North America because of its ability to provide value while maintaining high standards for design, quality and service that we expect from all Vermont Tool products and services! We offer complete catalogs for every product available so you can choose what fits your specific needs

7 Reasons why professionals choose Vermont Tool Company to buy Gearwrench tools

Shipping Facility: Their shipping policy varies depending on the product’s nature and customer location. Vermont Tool Company provides free shipping over a certain amount of purchase. Their shipping process works faster. They try to deliver within 2 to 5 days according to the buyer’s address. They also take only 3 days to confirm orders.

Pricing Policy: Like a good dealer of Gearwrench Tools, Vermont Tool Company sells its items at reasonable prices. This company does not receive extra prices for any tools. It always tries to hold accurate prices. Moreover, It cuts short the product prices in many cases.

Payment Method: Vermont Tool Company maintains different kinds of payment methods thinking about the customer’s choices. You can provide payment with both credit and debit cards. Your payment data will be secured properly and treated to purchase products.

Retails only Tools: Vermont Tool Company only retails tools-related products. It is a deep reason for professionals to choose this company to buy Gearwrench products. Because choosing a certain category of products creates extra value for the customers. It helps them find the needed tool and order for it easily.

Easy accessibility: Vermont Tool Company provides a simple process for accessibility and purchasing their products. Its account-creating method is free from complexity. You will face no trouble for that. After creating an account, you can easily order any products you choose. That’s why professionals love this company to buy Gearwrench tools.

Privacy Maintainance: Vermont Tool company always maintains a strong privacy policy. They are aware of customers’ data protection. So you will not have to worry about hacking your debit or credit cards. Also, there is no chance to disclose your data.

Return and Refund Policy: They offer a consumer-friendly return policy. When you find any tools damaged and defective or missing any part, they will return the product or refund your money. It is also applicable if they deliver at any wrong address.

Besides, a lot of reasons exist for choosing Gearwrench tools to buy. I hope the above-mentioned reasons are enough to clarify your uncertainty.

Things to consider before buying Gearwrench tools

Gearwrench is the most popular tool-producing company in the world. It manufactures a lot of products and supplies them to the whole globe. While purchasing any Gearwrench tools, you can consider some factors. It will help you make a prominent purchase.

Quality: As the biggest tool-producing company, Gearwrecnh always provides high-quality items. You feel no doubt about the longevity of their products. That’s why you will find Gearwrench tools comparatively better and more useful than other’s companies.

Pricing Rate: Gearwrench is a customer-affectionate company. They mostly define tool prices matching the soft purchasing ability of buyers. It will help you get products at competitive prices.

Warranty Policy: Geawrench offers numerous warranties for its products. You will find some products with a lifetime warranty. It might not be possible in other companies. So, before purchasing any tools, you could check out its warranty time.

Important FAQs about Gearwrench tools

What is Gearwrench Warranty?

We back our products with an industry-leading lifetime warranty that will give you peace of mind when working on any part or assembly with one of our tools!

Where to exchange Gearwrench tools?

Gearwrench Tools maintains its warranty policy strongly. So if you want to exchange any tools, you can do it at the marketplace where you bought that product. Or you can claim your warranty directly to the Gearwrench website via their phone, mail, etc.

Are KD tools the same as Gearwrench?

Yes, KD tools are the same as Geawrench because Apex Tool Group is redeveloping this brand like Gearwrench.

Is Geawrench a brand of Apex Group?

Yes, Gearwrench is a popular brand of Apex Group, which is a famous industry in the world.

How can I contact Gearwrench?

The customer service department can be reached at 1-866-907-9716 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm (EST). https://www.gearwrench.com/support

To Sum Up

As a supplementary of Apex Group, produces extraordinary tools which contain some key factors that’s why it has lots of demands in the entire world.

You will find a lot of retailers of this brand tool. But the best place where you can buy tools will be Vermont Tool Company. Because it provides copious facilities that will make you happy to shop. I hope this article helped you get the best purchase of Gearwrench Tools.


Applicable Warranty Period:

  • Hand tools (excluding product categories listed below) – For lifetime of original consumer who purchased (“Lifetime Warranty”)
  • Accessory bits, bit holders, bit sockets and extensions, taps & dies, files, and cutting tools – 30 days from purchase date
  • Torque products – One-year limited warranty from purchase date – For more details, please click “TORQUE PRODUCTS” below.
  • Accessories, carrying cases or pouches, and consumable products – 1 year from purchase date (“1 Year Warranty”)
  • Tool Boxes: 83240, 83241, 83242, 83243, 83244, 83245, 83246 – 3 Years Limited Warranty
  • Tool Boxes: 83167, 83168, 83169 – 5 Years Limited Warranty
  • Tool Boxes: 83148, 83130, 83151 – 1 Year Limited Warranty


To make your warranty claim, call 866-907-9716, submit a warranty claim through our Warranty/Replacement Form or email APEX-CSRATGTradeMechTools@ApexToolGroup.com. We will determine if we will repair/replace the product or give you a refund.

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