Wheel Lock Removal

Wheel Lock Removal – Tool to Remove Wheel Locks

Stealing wheels is such a random act in America that the car owner needs to have tools to remove wheel locks. Wheels are one of the primary accessories for automobiles that help to operate the vehicle.

As stealing wheels is quite intense, you need to invest in anti-theft lug nuts in the first place. But before you install lug nuts, make sure you can remove the wheel lock. So, here are wheel lock removal tools to ease your operation.

Wheel lock removal – The best tool to remove wheel locks

There are some simple tools to help you remove the wheel lock. Here are some tools with that you can master the wheel lock opening procedure.

Socket Set

The socket set is for those who want to remove the locking wheel nuts. These sockets are designed to remove the locking wheel nuts when you don’t have the key to unlock your wheels. These sockets are a little bit smaller than the diameter of the wheel lock, and these are very much efficient in opening the wheels.


  • Alloy Steel
  • Impact Grade
  • Socket Wrench

Usage: The socket is used to lock the wheel to prevent any unwanted operation.


You need a hammer or mallet to tighten the sockets on your wheel locks. Using a hammer, you can tighten the wheel nut’s socket, and it lets you pull out the whole wheel nut sticking perfectly to the socket.

Usage: Traditionally, the hammer is used to pound or deliver blows and to tighten the wheel nut here.

Lug Nut Wrench

The lug nut wrench can vary in size and is mainly used to loosen the vehicle lug nuts. Lug nut wrenches mainly include chrome finishing, and some wrenches provide extra leverage that is up to 460mm.


  • L-shaped or X-shaped metal rod
  • Socket wrench on the bent end
  • Prying tip on the opposite

Usage: This is also known as a tire iron. This type of socket wrench is used to loosen or tighten the lug nuts on automobile wheels.

Wheel Torque Extension Kit

Wheel torque extension mainly helps to prevent damage to wheels and brake rotors while you torque your car wheel nuts. They are very much essential to use with impact sockets and are also made with quality chrome alloy steel.


  • This prevents over-torquing of lug nuts

Usage: Very much effective tool to prevent damage to your car wheels.

How to remove wheel locks using common tools

If you want to remove wheel locks, but you don’t have the key to unlock, or in case you lost the key for wheels, here’s our guide to unlocking the wheel.

  • Get a socket that is a little bit smaller than the diameter of the wheel locks. The socket won’t attach very well to the wheel lock in the first place.
  • Get a hammer and push the socket into the wheel nuts with mild blows. Don’t hit too hard. Otherwise, the wheel nut would get damaged.
  • Get the wrench, attach it to the socket, turn the whole lock, and loosen it.
  • Slowly loosen the lock by turning with the wrench; this way, you will get the whole wheel lock in hand.
  • Use a screwdriver and hammer to pull out the wheel lock from the socket.

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Best wheel lock removal brand you should consider

Multiple prominent brands supply quality wheel lock removal. Some of the companies are Matco, Macgard, Snap-on, Aga Tools, and more. So, here are some prominent brands that you can trust.

1. Matco wheel lock removal

This famous brand can easily remove manufacturer and aftermarket hubcap or wheel locks. It fits with GM, Ford, and Chrysler and all aftermarket locks. Also, the lock removal features plus a 3-inch extension give you the most efficient output and coverage. Some of the Matco wheel lock removal tools are

  • 9-piece wheel lock removal kit
  • 13-piece wheel lock removal set
  • MCGARD wheel lock removal
  • 19MM oversized wheel lock remover

What We Like:

  • Fits with reputed car manufacturer wheel locks
  • Mcgard wheel lock remover
  • Great to use when you lose keys

Mcgard wheel lock removal

Mcgard is another wheel lock removal tool to unlock your wheel locks. This also functions like a lug nut or bolt, but one issue is you have to use a unique, essential tool for installation. Some of the Mcgard wheel lock removal tools are

What We Like:

  • Socket is a smooth tapered
  • Works like a lug nut or bolt

Snap on wheel lock removal

Snap-on removes wheel locks for vehicles and light trucks. You can use the snap-on lock removal with a hand driver or impact wrench. Some sockets cover GM, Ford, and Chrysler applications. Some of the Snap-on wheel lock removals are

  • Wheel Lock Removal Socket Set (Blue-Point®)
  • Locking Lug Nut Removal Kit (Blue-Point®)
  • Nut Remover Kit for Toyota®/Lexus® Vehicles Axle Locks

What We Like:

  • Easy to use with an impact wrench
  • Removes most lug nuts and wheel locks
  • Some of the sockets cover Ford, and Chrysler application

Aga tools wheel lock removal

This wheel lock removal tool allows you to unlock a high-security lock with spinning rings and lets you unlock your wheel lock within a few minutes. Also, have the lock opened with no damage to the wheel. Some of the Aga tools wheel lock removal

  • Wheel lock removal tool
  • Wheel lock removal spline tool
  • Wheel lock removal of inner collet
  • Slide hammer

What We Like:

  • High-security wheel lock removal tool
  • Leaves no damage to the wheel

Common Question about removing wheel lock

Do all wheel locks have the same key?

Each set of wheel locks includes an individual key. They are mainly used to prevent theft of your car wheels.

Are locking wheel nuts unique to each car?

Yes, locking wheel nuts are unique to each car, and they are also unique to the wheel nut set.

Can a tire shop remove wheel locks?

The tire shop’s mechanic can remove wheel locks if they find your wheel lock matches their keys.

What size socket to remove the locking wheel nut?

The 12-point socket works better, and remove wheel lug nuts within a few moments.

How much does it cost to remove locking wheel nuts?

The typical cost for removing locking wheel nuts is $50 to $60. However, the cost increases when additional nuts are there.


When you need to open the wheel lock, the wheel lock removal tools come in handy in this situation. So, look for the chrome plated, alloy, and most vehicle-supported wheel locks in the first place. Also, use our method for different tools to remove wheel locks.