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CD CAN DO CD775402 OBD Aid Breakout Box


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Ensure smooth OBDII diagnostics with the CanDo OBD Aid Breakout Box. Safely check your OBDII DLC port, monitor battery voltage, and detect protocols with ease. Don’t leave diagnostics to chance—order your OBD Aid Breakout Box today!

Introducing the OBD Aid Breakout Box—a versatile tool designed to make your OBDII diagnostics smoother and more reliable. Whether you’re a professional technician or a DIY enthusiast, this breakout box is a must-have addition to your toolkit.

Key Features:

  1. Pre-Diagnostic Safety Check: The CanDo OBD Aid Breakout Box allows you to conduct a safety check on your OBDII DLC (Data Link Connector) port before connecting your scan tool or flashing the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This step ensures trouble-free communication.
  2. Battery Voltage Monitoring: With constant battery voltage monitoring, you’ll receive warning beeps in the event of a weak battery condition. Stay ahead of potential issues and ensure your diagnostic tools have the power they need.
  3. Voltage Alerts: A warning beep will alert you when the voltage falls below 12V or rises above 15.2V during programming or coding. This real-time feedback enhances the safety and reliability of your diagnostic process.
  4. Alternator Health Check: The breakout box provides a quick check on the alternator charging condition, helping you identify potential electrical system problems.
  5. Voltage/Frequency Measurement: Perform voltage and frequency measurements at the pins during diagnosis communication with the ECU, even when the engine won’t start. This capability is invaluable for pinpointing complex issues.
  6. Protocol Detection: Detect protocols and data communication during diagnosis and re-flash on the ECU. Colored LED lights display when a protocol is detected, providing clear feedback.


  • Operating Range: 7.0 ~ 24.0VDC Input
  • Maximum Load: Up to 5.0 amps Output
  • Overload Protection: Yes, PTC Fuse
  • Monitoring Voltages: Yes, below 12V, higher than 15.2V
  • Protocols Detected: PWM(J1850), VPW(J1850), ISO 9141-2, DIS/ISO 14230-4, CANBUS (J-2284)
  • OBDII Connector: 88mm length

Ensure your OBDII diagnostics are precise and reliable with the OBD Aid Breakout Box. This tool simplifies the diagnostic process, enhances safety, and helps you identify and solve complex issues with ease.

Whether you’re dealing with vehicle maintenance, troubleshooting, or advanced programming, the OBD Aid Breakout Box is your trusted partner in OBDII diagnosis.

Don’t compromise on the quality and reliability of your diagnostic tools. Order your OBD Aid Breakout Box today and experience smoother, more efficient diagnostics.

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