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MWK MILWAUKEE TOOL MWK2863-20 M18 Fuel 1/2″ One Key High Torque Impact Wrench Tool Only


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    The 2863? M18? FUEL? w/ ONE-KEY? High Torque 1/2? ImpactWrench with Friction Ring provides the Most Powerful, MostCompact, and the Most Repeatable Impact Wrench in theindustry! The POWERSTATE? Brushless motor delivers up to1,000ft-lbs of fastening torque and 1400ft-lbs ofnut-busting torque, providing users a cordless solution thatwill eliminate the need for corded Impact Wrenches. Theindustry?s most compact cordless High Torque Impact wrenchat 8.39? in length, this tool allows for more access intight spaces. REDLINK PLUS? intelligence prevents damage tothe tool and battery due to overloading or overheating.REDLITHIUM? batteries deliver more work per charge and morework over the life of the battery. Compatible with ONE-KEY?,this is the industry?s first High Torque Impact Wrench thatwirelessly connects to a smart phone to Customize, Track andManage a tool?s performance and location. Unlimited ToolCustomization allows you to connect to the tool and accesspredetermined set-ups for specific fasteners and materials,or have complete control over output speed and power for thespecific application at hand. With ONE-KEY?, users now havea tool that delivers the most repeatable torque output inthe industry. Users looking for a targeted torque range nowhave solution that will get users close to their targetedtorque value, reducing the likelihood of significant underor over torque. Users will experience less rework, lessdamage, and increased productivity that will get userscloser to their torque target and will finish with acalibrated torque device to reach their targeted torquevalue. The tool?s memory supports up to 4 custom profilesthat can be easily accessed with the touch of a button onthe tool. Once the profiles are saved to the tool, theconnection to the smart phone is no longer necessary. Yourcustom profiles are also saved in the cloud so that they canbe accessed at any time. Integrated Tool Tracking, alsoavailable through ONE-KEY?, provides full visibility to howand where tools are being used across your network of jobsand users. The app will track all ONE-KEY? compatibledevices within 100 ft range of your phone. By building thefunctionality into the tool, not the battery, all devicesare trackable even if the battery is not charged or on thetool. The app will automatically keep records of the lasttime a tool was within range of the app, allowing you topinpoint missing tools quicker and increase accountabilityof your crew. If you?re having trouble locating a lost tool,expand your search with the help of anybody with theONE-KEY? app. By opting in, when any phone with the appcomes within 100 ft of your tool, you will receive anupdated location. Paired with tracking, Integrated ToolSecurity provides the ultimate theft protection. Protectyour investment with features like tool lock-out, or hidetool from the nearby devices screen so only you can see yourtool is in range. If your tool is lost or stolen, render ituseless by sending a remote command to the tool to shutitself off the next time it comes within range of anyONE-KEY? app.

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