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PP POWER PROBE PPPP319FTCBLK Black Power Probe 3 Kit


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  • Supplies Power or Ground with an indicator tone andbright-white LED headlamps.
  • Features Digital Voltmeter, Min/Max, Audible CircuitMonitoring, 4mm Standard Banana Jack and Auxiliary Groundfor component testing.
  • It’s a Digital Voltmeter that works off of 12-24 Voltsources, with the ability to apply Power and Ground. Usingan Auxiliary Ground cable to check Continuity and testcomponents, the tool is protected by an 8 Amp CircuitBreaker.
  • Supplies Power or Ground, 8 Amps Power Feed is protectedby a Circuit Breaker, DC Voltmeter Indicators provide activefeedback, Active LED Lighting, Power Cable Length of 20Feet, 12 ? 24 Volt Range, Bad Ground Indicator, ContinuityTester, Short Circuit Indicator, Relay and Component Tester,Audible Monitoring of Electrical Signals, Plastic Case forPower Probe and Accessories.
  • Testing components on and off the vehicle.
  • Checking for good and bad grounds.
  • Testing for Continuity.
  • Diagnosing Circuit Failures and much more
  • Includes Case and 20 Foot Extension Lead with 12 VoltPower Port Adapter.

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Weight 2.95 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 10 cm
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PP Power Probe


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