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  • FY298 120V Easy Weld 100 Amp ST Stick Machine

    FY298 120V Easy Weld 100 Amp ST Stick Machine


    Only 10 Lbs, easy to use and has an incredibly small footprint. Able to weld up to 1/4″ of mild steel. Also features 120-volt input and 90 AMP output. Stick and lift arc TIG capable (TIG torch not included) Welds 16 gauge up to 1/4″ (6.35 millimeters) Handles up to 1/8″ (3.175 millimeters) electrodes. Includes:…

  • SM STECK SM20085 EZ Pull Stud Pin Pulling Pliers


    Features EZ Pull Pliers’ gives body shop technicians quick and easyclamping capabilities saving them set-up time overtraditional heavy pull clamps and minimizes re-welding timeto replace cut pull pins and/or flanges. Quick access to grip and pull multiple pull pins (studs)as well as vertical and horizontal flanges. Tough alloy steel locking pliers with its 3?” X…

  • MEX MECHANIX WEAR MEMGJ01000 Pin Pulling Stud Welder Kit


    Features The Magna-Spot stud welders incorporate a new low-heattransformer especially designed for today’s high-strengthsteel uni-body vehicles. With plenty of power for any job,these welders virtually eliminate “Burn-Through” that can bea problem common to other welders.These are unique, solid quality, U.S. manufactured productsthat offer world class performance for today’s collisionrepair professional. They are designed for instant…

  • MEX MECHANIX WEAR MEMGJO1500 1500 Amp Stud Welder Kit


    Features Professional Kit contains a 1500 series stud welder,heavy-duty slide hammer, electrodes for pins, rivets andshrinking Includes 500 – 2.0mm pins, 150 – trim rivets 9 foot heavy gauge oil resistant power cord Packaged in a carry blow molded carry case included



    Features The Uni-Spotter 9000 Deluxe Stud Welder Kit is a superiorstud welding kit for the professional body man who wants thebest. The 9000 Deluxe has the most powerful transformer onthe market and will keep operating efficiently in all kindsof high-demand situations such as multiple users or a lowvoltage source found on the end of a…

  • HS H & S AUTO SHOT HS4550 Stud Welder Starter Kit


    Features The Uni-Spotter 4550 Starter Kit Plus Is a great entry levelkit. This kit features the most powerful welder in a StarterKit. Use this kit as a base to build a complete Uni-SpotterStud Pulling System. The 4550 Starter Kit features theUni-Spotter exclusive ?Stud Ease Technology?.Stud Ease holds the welding stud in the welderregardless of the…

  • HS H & S AUTO SHOT HSW-6321 200 Amp Pulse Tig Welder


    Features Professional inverter AC/DC PULSE TIG welder for aluminum &steel alloys provides 30-200 amps of power on either 115 or230 volt line. Features digital control selection of lift-arc, HF orMMA modes, 2T/4T trigger, square, sine, triangle AC or DCwave form, pre and post gas, slope, power range, pulse,frequency, AC balance and 10 program memory. Standard…

  • HS H & S AUTO SHOT HSW-6220 200 Amp Inverter Mig Welder


    Features Professional portable inverter MIG welder provides 200 ampsof power for MIG and/or flux-cored wire welding on a230-volt line. Welds up to 7/16″ Welder features digital voltage, wire speed and amperagedisplay, adjustable wave control, spool gun selection switchand euro-connect flange for torch & spool gun. Package includes inverter power supply, HSL15 torch 10?,200A earth clamp…

  • HS H & S AUTO SHOT HSW-6213 130 Amp Inverter Mig Welder


    Features Economical portable inverter MIG welder provides 130 amps ofpower for MIG and/or flux-cored wire welding on a 115-voltline. Welder features wire speed and power settings bymaterial and wire thickness. Package includes inverterpower supply, HSL15 torch 10?, 200A earth clamp 10?, gasregulator with hose, steel & flux-cored welding wire andoperator manual. Input Power: 115VAC @…

  • DNT DENT FIX DNTDF-EZA1 Airless Plastic Welder


    Features Airless welding offers a wide variety of plastic repairoptions for a minimal amount of investment. 5 different types of plastic rods are included in thekit and allow for repairing the following types of plastics:ABS, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, andPolyurethane. Easily select the correct temperature setting with theadjustment knob which raises or lowers the temperature ofthetips…

  • DNT DENT FIX DNT-595II Dent Shark 2 Spot Weld Dent Remover


    Features Get a Stud welder and pulling system that is an extension ofyour body. It?s like having sticky fingers and being able topull dents with your hand. More Versitle and than Faster Than Stud Guns! Will weld: weld pins, weld a slide hammer directly tothe panel, weld a light pulling rod, weld wiggle wire forcrease…