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  • OT OTC OT4715 Deluxe European Radio Tool Kit


    Features 18-piece set of tools used to remove radios on most Europeanvehicles sold in the U.S. and Europe. Quickly and easilyremoves the radio from the dash without damage to the radioor dash. Components 4715-1 Removal Keys (4 pieces) Audi, Becker,Mercedes-Benz, VW 4715-2 Removal Keys (2 pieces) Becker, Mercedes-Benz,Porsche 4715-3 Removal Keys (2 pieces) VW 4715-4…

  • OT OTC OT4711 Deluxe Radio and Antenna Service Kit


    Features # Eleven-piece kit in molded case.# Universal antenna wrench.# Ford radio removal tool.# Deep sockets to remove and install the tamper-proof radionuts from many GM, Chrysler, and other aftermarket radios.# Antenna nut sockets that cover most import and domesticantenna nuts.



    Features Disengages Retaining Clips on Fords & Imports.Tool quickly releases retaining clips on radios. Also workson some Saab, VW, Audi, and other import applications.Allows easy removal without damage. Set of two tools alsoserves as handles for removing the radio from the panel.Tools lock securely into clips on side of radio. Also workson some DIN mountings…