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  • SL SCHLEY PRODUCTS SL12250 Ford 6.4L Diesel Turbo Arm Puller


    Features Removes the turbo actuator arm on 2008-2010 Power Stroke?diesel motors This tool has been designed to remove the actuator linkrod from the arm on theturbo of the 2008 to 2010 6.4L Ford power stroke dieselengine. When servicing either the turbo or actuator they must beseparated, over time thisconnection becomes too tight to remove without…

  • OT OTC OT6770 Ford 6.0L Diesel Service Tool Kit


    Features Diagnose pressure problems often associated with no startsand help you remove and replace common components like IPR’sor EGR’s, oil lines, glow plug harnesses and injectorharnesses. No need to go digging through your toolbox – it’sall right here in this kit. 8 popular 6.0L Diesel Service Tools in one convenientkit Properly test vehicle systems for…

  • OT OTC OT6712 GM Axle Seal Protector


    Features Protects seal from being cut or nicked, both of whichcan cause immediate or eventual leaks. Similar to J-44394-A. Applications: 2011 and later drive axles on most GMvehicles

  • OT OTC OT6599 Fuel Tank Lock Ring Wrench


    Features OTC Fuel Tank Lock Ring WrenchUniversal design allows tool to fit fuel tank lock rings onFord, Chrysler, and GM vehicles.Works on:2004-newer Ford F-150 trucks.2004-newer Chrysler / Dodge mini-vans, PT Cruiser,Dakota, Durango.2004-newer Chevy 1/2-ton and 3/4-ton trucks.Tool easily removes and installs lock ring on the fueltank when servicing the fuel pump or fuel sending unit.Used…

  • LS LISLE LS56200 Air Bag Removal Tool Mopar


    Features Removes the Driver Side Airbag with Wire Spring Clips, Usedon Many Chrysler,Dodge and Jeep Vehicles. The wire spring clips are difficult to remove becausethey are very hard to see. There are three airbag retaineraccess holes on the back of the steering wheel. Used on Jeep Liberty (KK), Chrysler/Dodge mini van(RT/RM), Dodge Nitro (KA), Dodge…

  • LS LISLE LS13800 Water Pump Sprocket Holder For Ecotec GM 2.2


    Features Holds the Timing Chain and Gear in Place WhileRemoving or Installing Water Pump on EcotecEngines.Securely holds water pump sprocket preventing loss of timingordamage to the engine. Special half-moon design allows easieraccess to water pump gear bolts. Uses access cover bolts tohold the tool in place.