• Gerstner International M24 Oak 3-Drawer Mid-Base


    The Gerstner International M24 Oak 3-Drawer Mid-Base extends storage capacity for your special collections or favorite tools, and perfectly complements our Gerstner International T24 Oak 11-Drawer Top Chest. There are 3 full-width drawers, mounted on friction reducing, molded plastic drawer slides. A Single key locks the front lid of your base keeping valuables and tools…

  • Gerstner International M20A Oak 2-Drawer Mid-Base


    The flat, felt-lined top of the M20 Oak 2-Drawer Mid-Base comes in handy wherever space is a premium. Stack whatever was already on the worktop right on this base?maybe a tool chest, a computer monitor, a set of books, a collection on display, a stand mixer, sewing machine, or tabletop machinery?whatever takes up table space….