• EL ELECTRONIC SPEC EL184 Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting Bilingual


    Features Electricity explained in a way that makes it useful formechanics.Unbelievable 200 page guide to every aspect of electricaltroubleshooting.Written by a mechanic for real world, hands-on testing. Batteries/Testing explained Relays, potentiometers, resistors, solenoids Voltmeters explained Finding shorts to ground Battery draws explained Corrosion causes Voltage drop explained How-to-read schematics

  • EL ELECTRONIC SPEC EL183 Essentials of Electrical Power Generation


    Features This is Dan Sullivan’s second book, which covers everythingyou need to know regarding Electric PowerGeneration……from RV generators to large Gensets. Dan lends his expert advise and help on all aspects ofpower generation. 125 pages – full 8.5 x 11 inch page size – of everythingyou need toknow about Electric Power Generation. Gensets, 3 Phase,…