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KNIPEX – Worldwide Leading Pliers Manufacturer for Professional

Pliers are an essential tool for crafting or cutting any metal or pipe object, used for twisting and gripping, and are designed for other tasks. You may need special pliers that can do the basic to advanced level work, such as cutting and splicing wires, fixing pipes, bending wires, and more.

But finding a quality brand for purchasing pliers is mandatory. KNIPEX is one step ahead in producing quality pliers. Let's head to the KNIPEX tool pliers in the following.

Is really Knipex tool worth it to buy

KNIPEX tools are based on German technology, and it uses the most modern versions of pliers for cutting, stripping, gripping, combination pliers, and special tools for different other works. KNIPEX provides a range of different versions of pliers that can do the job for you.

  • Classic dipped insulation pliers
  • Blue and red two-component sleeves pliers
  • ESD Sleeves pliers- used for fine electronics
  • Yellow and red sleeves pliers- VDE insulated- Sustain 1000V cables

Vermont Tool Company – Authorized Knipex Tools Dealer in the USA

While you may find it difficult to purchase the quality pliers that do the job for you, Vermont Tool Company delivers the world-class KNIPEX pliers from an extensive collection. Let's find out the best KNIPEX tool pliers in the following.

Wire Strippers and Stripping Tools

Looking for wire stripping pliers? Vermont tool provides you the quality KNIPEX stripping pliers that can do the seamless cutting job for you. Let's find out the KNIPEX stripping tools in the following.

These tools are mainly used for removing the sheath of bundled insulated cables. Also, you can do different other cutting jobs with this tool, such as their mechanical and automatic wire strippers can be used to process additional mechanical wire.


  • Plastic coated
  • Robust and durable
  • Multi-component grips
  • Chrome, Zinc, and Nickel plated pliers


  • Universal Insulation Stripper pliers
  • KNIPEX PreciStrip 16 (Automatic wire stripper)
  • KNIPEX Multistrip 10 (Automatic wire stripper)

There is more than enough collection in our hands; these are just a few versions of KNIPEX pliers.

Pipe Wrenches and Water Pump Pliers

Pipe wrenches and water pump pliers are another addition of pliers by KNIPEX. These pliers have different features with different structures and modes of operation. See the following overview of the pipe wrenches and water pump pliers in the following.


  • Plastic coated grips
  • Faster adjustment
  • Pliers and wrench combination tool
  • Burnished and powder-coated material


  • Pipe Wrench 90˚
  • Pipe Wrench XS
  • Pipe Wrench S-type
Water Pump Pliers

Water pump pliers feature different opening widths that include a gripping jaw, which helps to cut the workpieces in different diameters.


  • Plastic coated and multi-component grips
  • Chrome, Zinc, and Nickel plated pliers
  • Pliers and wrench combination tool
  • Automatic adjustment


  • KNIPEX SmartGrip
  • KNIPEX Cobra
  • KNIPEX Alligator
Combination and multifunctional pliers

Combination and multifunctional pliers have gripping, cutting, and crimping abilities. If you want to cut hard wires, you need special pliers. Multi-function and combination pliers can cut very hard materials; their gripping ability is immense and takes less effort.


  • Seamless cutting of hard materials
  • Induction-hardened material
  • Fine grip and toothing
  • Robust and high-temperature resistance


  • Electrician's pliers
  • Snipe Nose Side Cutting pliers
  • KNIPEX Alligator
Cable and Wire Rope Shears

If you need to cut the cable and wire rope, KNIPEX brings you the cable and wire rope shears pliers. These pliers are for the precise cutting of wire rope and tire cord as well. Intensive use of these pliers won't make them wear out, and you can continue your work at ease.


  • Seamless cutting of hard materials
  • Induction-hardened material
  • Ball bearing steel in some pliers
  • Compact, powerful, and lightweight


  • KNIPEX StepCut Cable Shears
  • Wire Rope Cutter for Tire Cord
  • Angled Electrician's shears
Mini pliers wrench

Mini pliers and wrenches are the perfect examples of working with small objects. Mini pliers wrench holds the screws, grips, and bends and helps to hold at the place where your fingertips won't reach. This plier also allows you to securely grip the component to powerfully hold the object.


  • Smooth jaws and damage-free installation
  • Fast adjustment and no slipping joint
  • Ratchet type principle for quick tightening
  • Zero backlash jaw pressure for preventing damage to edges


  • Mini Combination pliers
  • Mini Water Pump Pliers with Groove Joint
  • Mini Pliers Wrench pliers
Cutting Pliers

Cutting pliers are designed to cut different varieties of cutting materials. No matter how hard the component is, KNIPEX cutting pliers with electronic diagonal cutters or concrete mesh cutters will seamlessly do the cutting job for you.


  • Induction-hardened, precise and sharp
  • High-end cutting or mini diagonal cutting with quality pliers
  • Higher transmission ratio and hard-cutting edges
  • A strong and robust version of diagonal cutters


  • High leverage Diagonal Cutter pliers
  • High Leverage End Cutting Nipper
  • Electronics End Cutting Nipper
Crimping Pliers

Crimping pliers are one of the essential pliers for processing electronic wires. The electronic drives and essential electronic devices have connections that may need to be processed. Different plug types such as western plugs, modules, cannon plugs, and Scotchlok connectors are the plug types that require crimping. So, crimping pliers here work as crimpers.


  • Optimum force transmission
  • Handy shape and low weight
  • Ratchet mechanism for high crimping quality
  • Improved ergonomics and narrow handle width


  • KNIPEX eCrimp
  • Crimp System Pliers
  • Self-adjusting Crimping Pliers for Wire Ferrules
Circlip Pliers

Are you in trouble fixing the bearings? KNIPEX circlips are the solution here. Two types of bearings are used in vehicles: internal rings on bores and external rings on shafts. Assembling and disassembling these tools require specific plier tools that KNIPEX offers.


  • Solid style and forged
  • Non-slip and solid tips
  • Special Retaining Ring Pliers
  • Horseshoe-shaped spring retaining rings


  • Circlip Pliers
  • Precision Circlip Pliers
Grip pliers

When you want to bend, assemble or go for the adjustment work on specific components, KNIPEX gripping pliers are the exact solution you want. KNIPEX gripping pliers feature great designs and offer different solutions with quality products.


  • Fine pointed tips
  • Induction hardened
  • Precise ground-round jaws
  • Tether attachment tip on mechanic's pliers


  • Mechanic's Pliers
  • Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers with Cutting Edge
Tool Kits

So, do you need different types of pliers and tools? KNIPEX offers different kinds of tools for all your common work areas. You can easily handle installation work, assemblies, and all your electrical work quickly and securely. The high-quality processing and durable materials of KNIPEX assure you of quality work. KNIPEX tool set is a random combination of pliers, and behind the KNIPEX tools, there is a well-thought-out concept for the convenience of your work.


  • Suitable high-quality processing
  • High quality and extensive selection
  • The two-color dual component handles
  • Practical, adjustable and quick-release fasteners


  • Precision Tweezers Set
  • Extension Set Electro 1
  • Case for Electronic Pliers
Important FAQ's on Knipex Tools

What is the warranty for my Knipex tool?

KNIPEX tool offers a lifetime limited warranty. KNIPEX tool offers a warranty for the defective product, but after a proper observation if your product is suitable for a warranty.

Where is knipex made?

KNIPEX manufactures its products in Germany.

Is knipex a good brand?

KNIPEX is undoubtedly a good brand and the first choice among most electricians, plumbers, traders, and mechanics. Their gripping options and different variations are noteworthy.

Is knipex better than Klein?

Klein and KNIPEX both have surface area crimper, but KNIPEX has the wider one; also, the larger surface area of KNIPEX proves to be more valuable. So, KNIPEX is slightly ahead.

KNIPEX tool pliers are indeed one of the most popular pliers in the market. Their pliers are robust, precise, and practical for electricians, plumbers, or KNIPEX retailers and traders. So, our comprehensive article about KNIPEX pliers will surely show you which KNIPEX pliers is the appropriate one.