list of die grinder attachments kit

List of Die Grinder Attachments Kit- Names and Uses

Die grinders have become necessary tools that many people use in their homes, office, or industrial workplaces. You probably use it for a specific purpose. But do you know how versatile a die grinder is and how collective works you can complete using it?

Yes, it’s a fantastic tool that contains multiple attachment kits for multiple works. You can utilize a die grinder perfectly when you stock various kits and accessories.

In this article, I will list some enduring die grinder attachment kits that you can utilize for various purposes.

So, no more talking; let’s dive right in.

List of die grinder attachment Kits

Die grinders are compact, lightweight, powerful tool that provides vintage services for cutting, drilling, and polishing everything from metal to plastic and wood.

As a versatile tool, the die grinder contains several attachment kits and accessories, such as die grinder bits, die grinder wheels, die grinder disc, die grinder brush, die grinder pads, etc.

Here I made a beneficial list of die grinder attachment items that can help you with multiple tasks.

Die grinder bits

Die grinder bits are attachment kits that cut and remove burrs and sharp edges from materials such as steel, aluminum, cast iron, stone, and wood. Several die grinder bit types are used for different works:

Drill Bits: This kit is used to drill holes in metal, plastic, wood, porcelain, concrete, ceramic tiles, etc.

Carbide Rotary Burrs: This kit mainly cuts stone, metal, carbon steel, etc. It’s also used to polish cast iron.

Diamond grinding burr: This attachment kit is usually used to cut and curve metal, glass, wood, plastic, etc.

Several tool manufacturing companies make die grinder bits, such as Lukcase, Milwaukee, TaitaTools, etc. All of them are highly professional and famous for their tools’ durability. You can choose a die grinder kit from any of these brands.

Die grinder wheels

Die grinder wheels are types of attachment kits used for grinding purposes. It contains abrasive grains and a layer of fiberglass that remove materials from metal, steel, iron, and wood and make them shaped and refined.

You can find three main types of die grinder wheels: type 1, type 27, and type 28.

Type 1 Snagging Wheels: This type of grinding wheel contains a straight profile and a small diameter of between 2 and 4 inches. It provides an ideal service for grinding different materials at high speed.

Type 27 wheels: It’s the most abrasive grinding wheel that contains a flat profile with a depressed saucer. It’s very popular for rough grinding on different materials like metal, steel, iron, wood, etc.

Type 28 grinding wheels: It’s different from type 27 wheels and is a saucer-shaped grinding wheel that provides better access to work in tighter spaces like corners, fillets, and overhangs. It’s best for operating with grinding angles between 0 and 15 degrees.

You can get different types of die grinding wheels from different brands like Milwaukee, Taita Tools, Swatycomet, and more. All of them are high-professional and popular for their long-time product service. You can choose a brand that you assume will be perfect for you.

Die grinder disc

Die grinder discs consist of several types that you can use for different works to remove metal burrs, clean welds, cutting metals, fiberglass, stone, etc. Some popular die grinder discs are for you.

Diamond discs: These discs contain a diamond-fixed saw blade that cuts dense or non-dense metal, iron, wood, and plastic.

Strip discs: These discs are used to clean welds and remove rust and paints from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, stone, wood, etc.

Flap discs: These discs mainly remove burrs, chamfer edges, and sharp corners of metal, steel, wood, etc.

Several brands manufacture die grinding discs like Milwaukee, Swatycomet, Taita Tools, etc. All of them are popular for their quality products and customer-friendliness. You can choose one of these brands suitable for your work.

Die grinder brush

Die grinder brushes can be used for many purposes like removing paint or rust and polishing the surface of different materials like metal, steel, iron, wood, etc. There are different types of die grinder brushes, such as Crimped Wire End Brush, Knot Wire Cup Brush, Crimped Wire Cup Brush, and more.

Crimped Wire End Brush: This type of grinding brush is used for cleaning burrs, rust, scale, and corrosion in corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Crimped Wire Cup Brush: It’s used for flexible brushing operation for light to medium applications from a large and flat surface.

Knot Wire Cup Brush: It’s popular for heavy-duty brushing operations that clean applications from flat surfaces.

You can find several brands that manufacture die grinder brushes like Milwaukee, Taita Tools, Weiler, Mercer Abrasives, etc. All these companies are famous for their expertise and high-quality production services. Select the brand that matches you the most.

Die grinder Arbor Hole

The central hole in a saw blade is technically considered the arbor hole. It creates a point where the arbor and the saw get connected.

It’s also used to have an arbor connected to a brush on numerous machines. When you are selecting the blade, you should know the shaft’s diameter because it will ensure spin and cut efficiency.

Arbor Hole contains different types of blades, Such as—

  • Miter saw blades
  • Concrete saw blades
  • Abrasive saw blades
  • Panel saw blades
  • Table saw blades
  • Worm drive saws blades

You will get different branded arbor holes like Milwaukee, Taita Tools, etc. Each brand achieved popularity for its quality attachment kits, and you can choose the one that seems too beneficial for you.

Where to buy die grinder attachment kit – Stores that sell die grinder attachments online

When purchasing die grinder attachment kits, you will find several online stores that retail them, such as Amazon, Homedepot, Vermont Tool, Walmart, Northerntool, etc., but if you desire the most profitable purchase,,, Vermont Tool company will be the best option for you.

VTC is the most popular power and hand tools retailer in the US. It can provide you with the best name-branded kits and accessories at a lower cost because it sells only tool-related products and works with the world’s top tool manufacturing companies.

Moreover, VTC always cares about consumers’ benefits and tries to provide all the attachment kits at affordable prices with a long-term warranty. Also, you can get a free shipping offer on some attachment kits that can save you money. That’s why Vermont Tool Company is the best tool retailer in the US.

Here are the most common question and answers

Do wire brushes wear out?
Wire brushes wear down over time because they become increasingly smaller in diameter.

Does a wire wheel need a guard?
Yes, wires need an upper wheel cover for cleaning large items like axes or shovels. Also, it needs a full wheel cover with a tongue guard for other cleaning and polishing work.

Can you use Dremel bits in a die grinder?
Yes, you can use Dremel bits in a die grinder if you have an appropriate attachment. Without attachment kits, it’s not possible.

What size air compressor for die grinder?
Depending on whether you are using it regularly or intermittently, you need different-sized air compressors for the die grinder. Air compressors with a 50% duty cycle and 10 CFM can run a die grinder continuously.

What is the most serious risk when using a pneumatic wire brush?
When using wire brushes, avoid too much pressure on them because excessive pressure can cause filaments to break or bend. It can shorten product durability.

To Sum Up

Die grinder attachment kits can provide vintage services. Having a die grinder with numerous accessories and kits will enrich your work possibility. This article gives you a coherent list of die grinder attachment kits, their types, and usages. Now you can buy the kits that will be helpful for you.

So, which die grinder kits are you going to buy first?

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