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Gerstner Guarantee
All products are rigorously inspected before being packed to ship. As a result, products have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, let us know – we’ll make it right.

Our 1-year warranty on Gerstner (USA) parts and workmanship hasn’t changed since 1906. We stand behind the products we build, so if it needs warranty work during this time we’re happy to provide it (some conditions apply).

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Gerstner and Sons Wooden Tool Boxes for Sale

Whether you work as a machine operator, a carpenter, a hobbyist, or a DIY enthusiast, tool organizing boxes are essential things for your toolroom, garage, or even your worktops. It can be annoying and even have an impact on your projects when your tools are disorganized or misplaced. A fine-quality wooden chest, cabinets, a jewelry box, bar cabinets, and many other items are included with The Gerstner & Sons that can serve as your solution to this dilemma.

Harry Gerstner, the company’s founder, describes his journeyman’s chest as having “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” The originality of their wooden toolboxes is significantly influenced by this philosophical claim. Even after 115 years, they have maintained their product quality. 

The majority of the wood used to build Gerstner vintage wooden tool boxes comes from red oak, golden oak, swan white oak, and natural walnut trees. Tongue and groove joinery is used to ensure strength and longevity, and veneers are used to protect the wood from moisture. Their products will continue to perform at a consistent level over time!

Find Gerstner and Sons Wooden Tool Boxes at Vermont Tool Company

The versatile antique wooden tool boxes have contemporary lines and a style that is influenced by the mid-century. 

The Golden Oak GO2007 Classic Chest from GERSTNER USA is one of the tool storage solutions. This chest has a multi-drawer option and neatly organizes a substantial number of work tools. 

The Gerstner International R20 Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet has another storage option. You won’t need to carry your automotive fasteners, tweezers, or nuts when you can bring this rolling chest with mid-drawers right to your workstation. 

Vermont Tool Company considers it a privilege to be one of the few authorized suppliers of Gerstner machinist tool boxes. So, you get the opportunity to purchase the genuine Gerstner and Sons wooden tool boxes at a competitive price from us. 

Stay Organized with Gerstner Wooden Tool Boxes 

Piling up a lot of tools on your workstation, on benches, or on any portable home trailer is no longer a big deal; Gerstner toolboxes are adequate to organize the workplace mess properly. 

Gerstner tool cabinets and oak tool chests come in a variety of forms and measurements. You should decide which Gerstner wooden tool box would best suit your requirements. Without these toolboxes, they would have a portable bar cabinet, an elegant jewelry box for protecting the pieces of jewelry, and a tote chest for gifting or storing some important items. You’ll find everything in our location! 

Gerstner and Sons Offers Wooden Tool Box Sets to Serve a Variety of Needs. 

Each chest or cabinet has a variety of needs, so the size and perspective will vary accordingly. When looking through the chest collections, you won’t find all of them suitable for use as a workshop’s vintage toolbox. Some can be used in homes and workplaces as well.  

Swan white oak and Spanish Cedar Cigar Wood are used in the construction of the GERSTNER USA Aficionado 1403 Golden Oak Travel Bar cabinet and drawers. This bar cabinet can be used as storage in your office or home, in addition to serving as a travel bar to make your picnics more enjoyable. 

What to Expect with a Gerstner International Tool Chest 

With its competitive pricing and strong build quality, Gerstner International is a player in the furniture industry. The everlasting perfection of the exquisite storage solutions elevates any garage, machine shop, or workstation. 

One of its versatile Natural Walnut W2610 Journeyman Chest from Gerstner is made of walnut hardwood and decorated in brown stains with classic vibes. It is not only used for storing a large number of tools; it can also be used to transport tools wherever you go.

Is it necessary to buy a tool organizer cabinet?

Does buying a tool and then using it finish your job? No, it does not. 

Any product can be fixed with the right tools, but an organizer prevents lost or misplaced tools as well as project or product creation, allowing for more efficient work and even time savings.  

Gerstner offers a sizable selection of cabinet collections in a range of price points and sizes. 

Should you buy a large toolbox?

If you need to organize a lot of tools, you should purchase a large toolbox known as a “snap-on toolbox.” Large manufacturing factories and workshops are where it is most frequently used. You can store, organize, and transport your tools with the Gerstner oak tool chest, thanks to its enclosed tool cabinet. Typically, it has rollers to move the slots while walking and handles for lifting.

Are Gerstner tool boxes useful?

Absolutely, every craftsman prefers the Gerstner toolbox. Their products are made by hand, and they inscribe the Gerstner tag on the bottom of the toolboxes. They even offer you the choice of adding different features to the desired toolbox.

How much do Gerstner tool boxes cost?

Pricing is influenced by two different factors: product size and durability. Concentrate on both so that the price of the Gerstner tool boxes is slightly higher. However, the Gerstner International T24 Oak 11-Drawer Chest is still available as an affordable option for you. 

Do Gerstner tool boxes have a lifetime warranty?

A 30-day full satisfaction guarantee is provided after purchasing any chests or cabinets from them. Let them know if you are dissatisfied. They’ll make sure that your products are made correctly. Additionally, they offer a 12-month warranty on all Gerstner products. If you need to replace or repair any components after the first year, you must charge a return check fee of about $40.